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The island continent of Madagascar is a truly unique part of Africa, where the normal rules don’t seem to apply. Many of its people look more Asian than African, and much of its wildlife is found nowhere else on the planet. At Undiscovered Destinations we offer small group tours and tailor made holidays that take in the very best of this incredible country.

See the spectacular natural rock formations at Tsingy de Bemaraha National Park or Tsingy D’Ankarana, hidden gems that few other operators take the trouble to visit. Hike through the moonscape of Isalo National Park and or the spectacular valleys of Andringitra National Park. If rainforest is your thing, then trek through jungles of pristine Marojejy National Park in search of critically endangered lemurs such as the hauntingly beautiful pure white Silky Sifaka. In addition meet the friendly and welcoming Malagasy people – one of the true highlights of the island. Madagascar is an adventure – let us take you there on one of our holidays in Madagascar and experience an incredible journey through a truly unique part of the world.

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I was very happy with the trip. I especially enjoyed the small activities (wood workers shop, embroidery workshop, etc.)that made it feel like we were doing something on driving days. The guide, Danhy, really made the trip excellent.

Virginia Agnelli, US

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Why visit Madagascar?

Whether your interests lie in natural history or anthropology Madagascar’s intensity is exquisite and almost overwhelming.  In this unique island nation isolation has nurtured wildlife found nowhere else on Earth, while maintaining a human cultural reserve as rich as any in mainland Africa.  If there is a destination that transcends travel bucket-list hyperbole, Madagascar is surely a strong contender.  Go now.

The island of Madagascar occupies a unique place, both culturally and geographically, within Africa. Separated from the mainland millions of years ago, its fauna has developed very differently from the rest of the continent’s wildlife, and it is home to countless species found nowhere else on earth. Its people are an intriguing mix of Malay and African ancestry, with complex patterns of beliefs and an unusual history. On this trip we take in the very best of this enigmatic and alluring land. Our journey takes us to the little visited Tsingy de Bemaraha Reserve, recognised by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site on account of its amazing rock formations, yet virtually unknown to the outside world until twenty years ago – few other operators take the trouble to reach this area, but it is without a doubt one of the highlights of Madagascar. We also visit superb national parks, including the bizarre moonscape of Isalo and the lush rainforests of Ranomafana, home to countless species of lemurs including the rare golden bamboo lemur, only discovered by scientists in 1986. We also visit Andasibe, one of the best places in Madagascar to see the curious indri, the largest species of lemur, and spend time taking walks through the forest in search of endemic wildlife. Finally, we spend time at Ifaty on the coast – a relaxing end to the trip. If you have more time to spare why not extend your stay by the beach with our Mikea Forest Beach Extension or try one of our other extensions to either the pristine forest of Anjozorobe or go tropical on the East Coast with our Pangalanes Wildlife Experience. Madagascar is unlike anywhere else on earth – join us to experience its diverse charms on a trip that will challenge what you thought you knew about Africa.

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