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Why go on a Ghana Tour?

Stretching from the dusty borderlands of the north to the tropical coast in the south, our Ghana tours encapsulate all that is special about West Africa, with great scenery and wildlife complemented by a joyous and exuberant people who will make you feel welcome from the moment you arrive.

Ghana is vibrant and seductive, and it’s no wonder that it’s many people’s introduction to West Africa. Ghana is the sort of place that remains in your soul long after you have visited.

Highlights of a Holiday to Ghana

Our group tours in Ghana allow you to explore a part of West Africa that few other tourists visit. Why there are so few international tourists visit Ghana is a mystery.

Accra, Ghana’s capital is one of Africa’s biggest cities, with the inevitable traffic, noise and mayhem that this brings with it. Despite being a fast growing, lively city, the people are friendly and welcoming and maintain many aspects of their tribal African roots. This is a feature that you will come across time and time again on our tours through Ghana and West Africa.

All along the coast of Ghana, Togo and Benin, voodoo is a religion that has been passed on by the ancestors and is still fervently practiced. Although for many Europeans voodoo is only a vulgar form of black magic, in truth voodoo is a true religion, far richer and more complex than people often think. On our tours you will get to see firsthand the influence and meaning behind the voodoo culture.

Of course, Ghana also has a dazzling array of flora and fauna. Mount Afadjato is covered with luxuriant tropical forest and is well-known for its interesting biodiversity . There have been over 300 recorded species of butterflies and 33 species of mammals in just this area and  Mona and Spot-nosed monkeys are regularly sighted.

Ghana is a great introduction to Africa and West Africa in particular and the tours below explore all the best that Ghana has to offer.

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I was totally amazed by some of the things that we saw on this trip – in all my years of travels I have rarely encountered a place with such variety, and so utterly different from anything else. The voodoo festival really was incredible and one of my travel highlights, and our guide also helped us to see some more local voodoo ceremonies which were just as worthwhile.


Timothy Jones, UK

Places to visit in Ghana and on our Ghana tours

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Why visit Ghana?

Known previously as the Gold Coast, Ghana has now emerged from its colonial past and is ready to show the world what it has to offer. And Ghana certainly has plenty to offer any intrepid traveller  exploring this region of West Africa. There is the relatively good infrastructure allowing travel around the country to be comfortable and quick, a deeply engrained tribal culture, a history that enthrals as well as shocks and some of the best beaches in Africa. Add to this politically stable government and you can see why Ghana is viewed one of the up and coming places to visit in Africa.



If you are visiting Ghana there are a few places that you really must see. Top of these is Mole National Park. Here you will find the best safari in Ghana and the opportunity to spot elephants while you relax by the side of your pool! The park is home to over 93 mammal species – including elephants, hippos, buffalos and warthogs – and is considered a primary African reserve for antelope species such as kobs, Defassa waterbucks, roan, hartebeests, oribi, bushbucks, red duikers and yellow-backed duikers.

Sightings of hyenas, lions and leopards are unusual but possible. Olive baboons, black-and-white colobus, green vervets and pata monkeys are resident species. Among the 33 known species of reptiles recorded, it is worth mentioning the slender-snouted and dwarf crocodile. There are 344 listed bird species, with a very good chance to spot: martial eagles, white-headed and palm-nut vultures, saddle-billed storks, herons, egrets, Abyssinian rollers, violet turacos and red-throated bee-eaters.

Another must see is the Ashanti city of Kumasi. This hustling and bustling city is the historical and spiritual capital of the old Ashanti Kingdom. The Ashanti people were one of the most powerful nations in Africa until the end of the 19th century, when the British annexed Ashanti Country to their Gold Coast colony. With nearly one million inhabitants, Kumasi is a sprawling city with a fantastic central market, one of the biggest in Africa. Every type of Ashanti craft (leather goods, pottery, Kente cloth) is found here, along with just about every kind of tropical fruit and vegetable.  A sight to behold.

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