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Too often overshadowed by its more glamorous neighbours, Bangladesh represents a truly undiscovered corner of Asia, one where few travellers visit. It is their loss.

Bangladesh is packed full of delights. Our group tours and tailor-made Bangladesh holidays reflect the very best of these. From the world’s largest mangrove forest to tribal villages and world heritage sites, Bangladesh is a unique travel experience.

Take a leisurely trip through timeless landscapes and explore the magnificent Sundarbans National Park, home to tigers, monkeys and crocodiles, entering into the primaeval and mystical world of the mangrove forests. Discover hill tribes in the Chittagong Hills and contrast this with the joyful chaos of Dhaka – an adventure in itself!

On any tour of Bangladesh, you must visit the tea estates in the north. Try a tea made from seven different varieties, learn about the colonial history of the plantations and meet some of the tea pickers. This is a delightful region of Bangladesh and a sightseeing tour of a tea plantation is many people’s highlight of our tours in Bangladesh.

Our guided tours in Bangladesh delve into tribal culture at Srimangal and explore the unique landscapes and people who live on the chars, the sand islands in the middle of the river. Discover a wealth of stunning temples, shrines and monuments around Rajshahi.

Without a doubt, your overwhelming memory of traveling to Bangladesh will be of the hospitality of the local people themselves. Always welcoming and always with a huge smile, pleased that you have come to visit and proud and eager to show you their country and their culture.

Bangladesh isn’t everyone’s idea of a holiday, but that’s probably why we like it so much. Join Undiscovered Destinations on one of our group tours in Bangladesh and fall in love with this fantastic country.

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The best guide I have ever encountered on my multiple trips through Indo/Asia. Very knowledgeable, considerate, and caring for my welfare. He readily answered all my questions and enquiries. Nothing was too much trouble. Very happy with the accommodation. The boat trips were amazing. The boat staff in the Sunderbans were friendly, helpful and the food was delicious, and the trips on the train were comfortable and clean. The drivers we had during the stay were excellent and friendly. All aspects of this trip were excellent. I wish I had been able to have at least twice the time in Bangladesh. It is a fabulous destination.


Mary Taka, New Zealand

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Why visit Bangladesh?

Bangladesh is unlike any of the more popular holiday destinations in this region. If you want to see real life then Bangladesh is the place for you. There is no hiding the poverty at times but the resilience and welcome that you receive from the people is what real travel is all about. Full of energy and hope this is a country used to battling against the odds. Bangladesh may be diamond in the rough but it is where real travellers will find a true treasure.

Once you get over the shock of Dhaka (and you will be shocked – by the noise, the smells and the heat) then traveling in Bangladesh starts to work its magic on you. It can take a day or more to get over the culture shock, even if you are used to other large Asian cities. Dhaka is certainly unique.

Once you have settled in, then the first thing you notice will be the people. So friendly, welcoming and inquisitive that you cannot help but smile as you are asked for a selfie for the umpteenth time that day. There are also rather a lot of them. Bangladesh is the eighth-most populous country in the world. When you are there and take a sight seeing tour, you  do tend to wonder how it is only ranked as eighth!

There is also  no escaping the poverty in Bangladesh. It is common and beggars are a part of every day life here. A holiday in Bangladesh is not for the faint hearted and you will see the best and the worst traits of humanity, often side by side.

Once you begin to explore Bangladesh and make your way out of the city, it really starts to get interesting. Don’t be afraid to push yourself outside of your comfort zone. The food is amazing and the street food is even better. The locals will happily tell you  the best place to eaat and if you have a guide with you, expect the VIP treatment at any street stall or local restaurant.

Something that few people know is that Bangladesh is a great wildlife destinations. In places like the Sundarbans and inthe far north, the wildlife is as wild and untamed as anywhere in the world. Walking through mangrove swamp while being told the stories of the fishermen who have lost their lives in Tiger attacks really brings this home.

For a history or cultural holiday, then Bangladesh is also an excellent choice. You can take tours around a vast array of amazing temples and ancient sites. Learn about the more modern colonial history in the tea plantations or go along and watch a game of cricket, a national obsession.

Bangladesh is a country that should be at the top of any adventerous travellers holiday destinations list. The fact that it is not and that you will rarely see another tourist makes it so very special.

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