“The traveller sees what he sees, the tourist sees what he has come to see.”

(G.K. Chesterton)

At Undiscovered Destinations, there is a passion for travel that runs through the heart of everything that we do. Below we explain how and why we operate our tours and the philosophy behind our small group adventure holidays.

Undiscovered Destinations Tynemouth

Undiscovered Destinations Office, Tynemouth

Undiscovered Destinations is owned and staffed by people for whom travel is not simply an interesting job, but an all-consuming passion. We believe that travel should not simply be a business, but a way of exploring and understanding the world and the diverse cultures that inhabit our planet.

At Undiscovered Destinations we aim to take our guests to some of the most interesting and unique regions of the world, areas that are not yet on the ever growing tourist trail and that still offer something very special to the experienced traveller.

We escape from the crowds into a world where the tourist is not all powerful, where the experiences are truly authentic, and where you have the opportunity to take yourself just that little bit out of your comfort zone and immerse yourself in the real nature of a country.

We don’t want to just offer you a taste of the exotic but aim to provide a much more in depth and rewarding experience, taking you to places that an independent traveller would probably never get to see.

We travel to remote lands and meet some of the most intriguing and least visited peoples in the world, pushing the boundaries of adventure travel. For us this is real travel – exciting, unknown, rewarding and utterly captivating.

At Undiscovered Destinations we mean what we say and are committed to providing superlative travel experiences that can rarely be found elsewhere.

Our staff in the UK are all highly experienced with many years of travel in remote destinations under their belts. We promise that when you contact us, you won’t be put through to an anonymous call centre. Instead, you’ll be able to speak to one of our knowledgeable team who will be able to answer your questions and help to prepare you better for your trip. We’re enormously excited about the trips that we offer and have based these on some of our own favourite experiences. Our wealth of personal experience and years of travelling and working in far flung corners of the globe are invaluable in showing you some of the truly forgotten corners of this world, and our philosophy recognizes that there is more to travel than simply ticking off sights.

Each of our tours is different but we will always include the highlights of the destinations that we’re visiting, combined with some of the lesser known but equally fascinating sites.

Our itineraries have all been carefully selected and researched as we understand that often it’s the little and unexpected elements that can turn a good trip into an amazing trip. Where possible we allow flexibility to modify itineraries to fit in with local circumstances, for instance a visit to a nearby festival or a local market. All of our itineraries have been given careful attention to in order to ensure that the niggles that are often associated with travel in out of the way places are ironed out as much as possible before you arrive.

Our tours are not luxury tours they are small group adventure tours. We also offer Tailor-made Holidays

The trips are not designed to shield you from the realities of life in the countries visited, in fact we aim to show you as much as possible of the realities of life in the destination. In many of the countries that we operate in, tourism is in its infancy and although we strive to maintain as high standards as possible there may be occasions where you encounter discomfort, inconvenience or frustration. It is important that you are prepared to accept these countries as they are.

We understand that although you want value for money this should not translate into a loss of quality. We aim to provide you with a realistic experience of your destination rather than offer you the cheapest trip around.

Undiscovered Destinations use locally owned accommodation and locally based guides wherever possible, so your tourist spend stays local, benefiting the communities and people that you visit.

Why travel with us?

  • Small Group Tours with a Maximum of 12 People
  • Tailor-made Tours and Private Tour Options
  • Expert Advice and First Hand Knowledge
  • Multiple Award Winning Tour Operator Established in 2004
  • No Local Payments and Airport Transfers Included
  • Fully Transferable Group Tour Deposits

What makes us different.

Small Group Sizes

On Undiscovered Destinations scheduled group tours, we keep our footprint small, and most of our groups operate with a maximum size of just twelve people. Not only does this ensure that when we visit remote areas, we don’t overwhelm them with a sudden influx of tourists, it also allows us to give each of you more attention and help in getting the absolute most out of your trip.

Our average group size is just eight people and we often run our tours with just three or four people.

Please note that West African tours and Undiscovered Destinations tours in the Congo can operate with up to sixteen people.

Limited Departures

We limit the amount of departures for each of our itineraries. Unlike other operators who will try and sell as many groups as they can and then pull from operation after 12 months, at Undiscovered Destinations we feel a commitment to the places we visit.

We understand the investment that is put in to facilities by the local business people. We know that the promotion of a destination can take years of hard work before it will to come to fruition.

Our aim is to work in a sustainable way with local people.

Undiscovered Destinations understand our groups visit areas where local culture can be quite fragile and easily influenced by outside factors. Our hope is to avoid as much as possible the phenomenon whereby an area changes in character due to repeated and prolonged exposure to tourism. We want to visit an area as friends, not intruders and to ensure that what we see will also be there for others to enjoy for many years to come.

Local transport

We use mainly private transport on our trips so that we can stop for photos of that fantastic sunset, or to take a few minutes to visit a lively village market.

Depending on the size of the group, this may be a minibus, sports utility vehicle or car. Travelling by public transport is often fun, and where appropriate we may make use of this, including trains, local buses, ferries and domestic flights.


The accommodation we use on our tours is carefully selected to add to your overall experience, and where possible is very comfortable. However we believe that often the best option may not be a four star hotel in town but a small comfortable guesthouse, a traditional longhouse or a tented camp set amongst exquisite desert surroundings where the shadows of the campfire dance on the rocks behind.

There may be occasions where the accommodation is very basic, perhaps without electricity or running water. This is often the reality of travelling in remote locations, but we believe it is a small price to pay for the rewards that such travel entails.

In addition and where practical, Undiscovered Destinations use hotels with a sense of history and connection with the destination. You may find yourself in a maharajah’s palace in central India or a colonial era hotel in Colombia.

Unlike many small group tour operators, Undiscovered Destinations always list our preferred accommodation for each night as part of the itinerary.

If this listed accommodation is not available, we always try for a similar or better property to stay in for that night.

Local Payments

Unlike many other travel companies, we do not require you to make any local payments for travel arrangements and there is no ‘travel kitty’.

Please note: on certain tours, your tour guide may arrange a ‘tip kitty’ to make tipping local guides and service providers easier. This is discretionary.

Single travellers

We understand that many people travel alone. Although we do charge a single supplement, if you are willing to share with another traveller then please contact us.

The team will do their best to match you up with a fellow same sex traveller so that there is then no need for a single supplement payment. Of course, if we cannot match you up, then the supplement becomes payable.

Meet our Guides

Our guides are a key strength, chosen for their knowledge and passion of the areas that they work in.

The tour guides on our group tours are not just passing through these countries but are usually locally born with a deep and long term involvement with them; this gives them amazing insights into local culture, history and customs, enabling us to create truly unique itineraries and for you to come away with memories to be treasured forever.

We believe that a guide can make or break a trip and so we invest time and effort to ensure that we’ve chosen correctly. Below are some of the guides that you may come across on our small group tours;


Madagascar Expert

I have been in the tourism industry for more than ten years now. I started as a tour consultant, but tired of office work, and craving for adventures I decided to become a tour guide. A decision I never regret.


DR Congo Expert

I have been guiding in DR Congo since I started ny business in April 2002. I love showing people the country I love, the nice places and all of the good things that the Congo has to offer.


Bangladesh Expert

I have been working as a Bangladesh tour guide since 2001. My favorite place is the Chittagong Hill Tracts. I am always impressed by the colorful lifestyle and simplicity of our lovely hill tribes.


Tajikistan Expert

The best places in Tajikistan are where I was born and grew up – the area around  the small village of Murgab, in the Pamirs between China and Afghanistan. The climate is very harsh there but I just love it.


Madagascar Expert

I graduated from Tourism College and have travelled these last ten years getting to know and explore every unknown corner of the country. I have acquired a lot of experience and knowledge to make the customer happy.


Comoros Expert

This is now my 8th year working as a tour guide in the Comoros. I love to take people trekking at the the Karthala volcano and in the beautiful wild nature as well as doing more cultural tours in the villages.

For expert advice get in touch now with our passionate,
well-travelled team.

+44 (0)191 296 2674 from THE UK
1-800-614-2967 from THE US & CANADA
1-300-956-415 from AUSTRALIA

Responsible Travel.

It’s been said before, but for us responsible travel really is more than just a marketing catchphrase; to travel to remote and unusual destinations carries with it a responsibility that should not be ignored. We can’t claim to be ‘pioneers’ of responsible tourism, but we can promise you that it is something we take very seriously; it guides our philosophy and shapes our itineraries as well as the experiences we create for our groups.

As Seen in…


We loved Georgia and Armenia and can only wonder why more people don’t visit. The itinerary was well put together and gave us the opportunity to see as much as possible without feeling rushed. Guides in both countries were excellent and real ambassadors for the region.

Mark and Susan Jenkins, UK