Undiscovered Destinations range of wildlife holidays offer some of the most exciting wildlife experiences in the world.

  • Come with us as we track Gorilla in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest in Uganda, a once in a lifetime as you get up close with these majestic animals.
  • Discover  the vast mangrove swamps of the Sundarbans National Park in Bangladesh, home to some of the last remaining Bengal Tigers on earth.
  • Explore Madagascar, a country with a truly unique flora and fauna and visit the numerous National Parks and protected areas.

As with all of Undiscovered Destinations small group tours and tailor-made holidays, on our wildlife tours and holidays, we put the travel experience at the forefront of our planning.

Our highly experienced UK based team, in conjunction with our local teams and guides, craft these itineraries so that you the traveller can get the best out of your time. It is this knowledge and firsthand experience of our destinations that makes Undiscovered Destinations wildlife tours and tailor-made holidays so special.

Whatever your preference of wildlife holiday, Undiscovered Destinations collection of small group tours and tailor-made holidays is certain to have something or somewhere that will ignite your passion.

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Itinerary was great, it covered a huge area of Madagascar, including all the sights we wished to visit. Accommodation and food was well above our expectations, we always had more than we needed to eat. A fantastic trip, well organized with an amazing tour guide. What a wonderful country to visit, beautiful people, great animals and scenery. Would definitely recommend this holiday.


Jeanette Thomson, Australia

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Why Wildlife Holidays?

There can be no greater experience than feeling at one with nature. A harmony of man and the environment, the long forgotten feeling of belonging and the wonderful perspective on our day to day worries that this gives. Wildlife holidays provide us with that connection to nature, to a long distant yearning from when our ancestors roamed the African plains. Whether watching a lion stalk its prey in Namibia, brown bears foraging in the Romanian mountains or your first sight of a lemur in Madagascar, wildlife holidays bring us closer to nature and to our true selves.

Not everyone’s idea of a wildlife holiday will be the same. For some it is the challenge of seeing a rare species in its natural environment while for others the thrill of seeing a great white shark, cruising off the coast of South Africa is as good as it gets.

At Undiscovered Destinations, our choice of wildlife group tours and tailor-made holidays aim to satisfy even the most demanding of wildlife watchers. How many travel companies can offer you the chance to travel in the Sundarbans National Park in Bangladesh, with the chance of viewing the magnificent Bengal tiger in its natural environment? Even if you do not see a tiger, the feeling you experience as you see river dolphins jumping and sea eagles soaring above as you search through the narrow inlets of the mango swamps is difficult to describe.

On wildlife holidays, there is no need to go without your normal comforts. Even in one of the most extreme wildlife destinations on the planet, Kamchatka, there are options that mean you can still visit during the salmon spawning season while staying in comfortable hotels. With over 200 bears as well as foxes and otters coming for one of nature’s greatest feasts, this is a unique wildlife holiday that Undiscovered Destinations are proud to offer.

Travelling almost half way around the world from Kamchatka, as a wildlife holiday, Brazil’s Pantanal region is difficult to beat. Beautiful red, yellow and green parrots glide from tree to tree, giant river otters play in the Amazon while deep in the jungle the mighty jaguar prowls.

No wildlife holiday is the same. In fact, if you took the same wildlife holiday twice then you would experience two completely different experiences. This is what we love about wildlife holiday.

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