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Why Travel to Vilnius, Lithuania?

Vilnius is the stunning capital of Lithuania; the second largest city in the Baltics and a thriving hub of arts and culture. It’s a wonderful place to explore on foot, offering a fantastic range of architectural styles as well as historic attractions, from Trakų Vokė Manor to the Renaissance city walls.

You’ll notice that Vilnius feels more like a town than a city, which is one of the many reasons why it’s such a popular place to stay on holiday. You can enjoy walking around the charming streets and will have plenty of different activities right at your fingertips, perfect for either a short break or a longer trip.

There are several different sides to Vilnius; the city has a beautiful Old Town, a modern business district, plenty of stunning green spaces and several artistic neighbourhoods. It’s one of Lithuania’s most popular places to visit, and you only have to spend a short amount of time in the city to realise why.

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Highlights of a Trip to Vilnius

Vilnius is a cosmopolitan city with numerous charming historic touches, so the highlights of this travel destination are very varied. Its historic centre is one of the largest Old Towns of Eastern Europe, spread across the Vilnia and Neris rivers, so make sure to add this to your bucket list when visiting.

Užupis is another of Vilnius’ neighbourhoods that are popular with tourists, known for its independent spirit and community of artists and intellectuals. If you’re looking to get away from the liveliness of the city for a day, you can take a trip to Trakai Castle which is located on an island on Lake Galve, offering tranquillity, wonderful scenery, and a museum.

Vilnius is a fantastic place to visit if you enjoy museums, with options ranging from The Samuel Bak Museum to the Museum of Illusions, The House of Signatories and the picturesque Liubavas Manor Watermill-Museum. There’s also an abundance of art galleries that suit all kinds of interests, including Lithuania’s National Gallery of Art, the Vilnius Picture Gallery and the open-air Open Art.

Tours and Holidays in Lithuania and the Baltics

Vilnius is a real highlight of Lithuania, but the rest of the country and its neighbouring Baltics are also definitely worth a visit. One of the best ways to experience the beauty and variety of Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia is on a holiday to all of the countries in the Baltics, enjoying guided tours to Tallinn, Riga and Vilnius. You can browse our available travel packages below.

Places You’ll Visit in Vilnius on Our Group Tours

  • Peter and Paul Church
  • Old Town
  • Cathedral Square
  • Gediminas Castle and Tower
  • Subacius Hill
  • Dawn Gate
  • Museum of Occupations and Freedom Fights

Discover What To Do in Vilnius Old Town

Vilnius Old Town is one of the most popular places in the city to visit for tourists, so you’ll likely want to spend at least an afternoon exploring this historic district. Below are some of the top recommendations of what to do whilst you’re there.

St. Anne’s Church

St Anne’s Church is an iconic Gothic religious building in Vilnius Old Town that is over 500 years old. The church was said to be so beautiful that Napoleon Bonaparte fell in love with it, and is part of a wider complex that includes a Bernardine monastery and the church of St. Francis, also built in red stone.

Pilies Gatve

Pilies Gatve, or Castle Street, is one of the Old Town’s main streets and is known as being one of the oldest and most ornate. It was once the main road to Vilnius Castle from the south and is now a prime spot for shopping and dining.

The Church Heritage Museum

This unique museum is located within the former Bernardine Monastery and St. Michael the Archangel church, and houses plenty of important Lithuanian culture. The Church Heritage Museum has art, liturgical texts and documents, ornaments and jewellery all on display and also tells the story of the treasure of Vilnius Cathedral.

Gediminas Tower

The Gediminas Tower actually overlooks Vilnius Old Town from Gediminas’ Hill, but is a key attraction that you should include on your list of places to visit in this area of the city. The structure is often used as a symbol of Vilnius and is home to a branch of the National Museum of Lithuania, as well as offering incredible views from the observation square at the top.

Vilnius Cathedral

Vilnius Cathedral and Cathedral Square are right in the centre of the Old Town and pretty distinctive thanks to their pure white colour. The cathedral was between the 13th and 15th centuries and includes an iconic bell tower, six tall columns and three figures standing on the top of the building.

Hill of Three Crosses

You’ll find the Hill of Three Crosses just behind Cathedral Square; a memorial that offers wonderful views of the rest of the Old Town if you climb to the top. The name came from a historic event where Franciscan martyrs were killed by pagans, and the crosses have been replaced and rebuilt several times, most recently in 1988.

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Places to visit on our Lithuania Holidays

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FAQ Holidays in Vilnius

How many days is enough in Vilnius?

Vilnius is quite a small city, so you don’t need lots of days to enjoy its highlights. 2-3 is more than enough time to see the sights, visit attractions and get a taste of the city’s culture and energy, so it’s a great destination for a long weekend.

Is Vilnius safe at night?

Lithuania is a pretty safe country to visit in general, so Vilnius is relatively safe to walk around at night. You’re always better off staying in a group than being on your own at night no matter where you are and try to stick to well-lit areas if possible so that help is likely to be nearby if needed. But as long as you use common sense, you’ll be fine.

Is Vilnius worth seeing?

If you’re visiting Lithuania then Vilnius is undoubtedly a location that’s worth seeing. Not only does the city have an incredible Old Town, a fantastic range of cultural attractions and numerous beautiful green spaces and scenery nearby, but it’s also a great place to travel to other countries in the Baltics thanks to its transport links.

Is Vilnius a pretty city?

Vilnius is a pretty city, which is a key reason for its popularity. Whilst there are plenty of modern districts, the historic centre in particular is known for its stunning buildings in a range of architectural styles, and you’ll also find plenty of pretty parks and gardens around Vilnius for even more photogenic places to visit.

What is Vilnius, Lithuania famous for?

Vilnius is probably most famous for having the largest historic centre in Eastern Europe which spans almost four square kilometres and is best known for its Baroque style that attracts plenty of tourists to come and marvel at the impressive buildings and design features. The Old Town has UNESCO World Heritage Site status and is referred to by the locals as Senamiestis.

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