Our Pace of Travel

To help you choose the perfect adventure holiday we have given each of our tours a pace rating. These ratings are a description of the overall pace of the tour and should be considered along with the detailed daily tour itinerary.


Relaxed tours are easy paced with plenty of leisure time built in. Although the tour will in all probability still be off the beaten track, in general on a relaxed pace tour you can enjoy mostly easy-going activities and experiences with opportunities to absorb the sights and immerse yourself in the local surroundings. On a relaxed paced tour you will have opportunities to do your own thing, whether that be walking or resting on the beach, wandering around a local market at your own pace, or taking time out to chat to locals.


Moderate pace tours are ideal if you want a tour experience that combines exciting activities and experiences with some time to relax. Typically you will be active and busy for part of the day but then also have time to rest and recharge your batteries. On some tours the split between activity and relaxation may be more extreme. For example on some tours you could be doing some hiking in a national park in the morning and then have leisure time in the afternoon where you can relax by a pool or spend time on a beach or perhaps visit a local market at your own pace. On other tours you may be visiting historical sites for part of the day and then have some leisure time later in the day. In general on a moderate paced tour there may be some long journeys involved but the tour is not an expedition or a road trip.  On a moderate paced tour it may still be necessary to have some early starts.


If you like to be busy on holiday, with many days full of inspiring experiences and activities, then a busy paced tour will be for you. A busy paced tour means that you can expect to be doing, seeing or experiencing something new almost every day, and moving on from place to place to pack in as much as possible. There may be early starts, long journeys and tiring days along the way, but you’ll return home feeling you’ve really experienced as much as you possibly could. Even on busy paced tours there may be some time to relax but in general leisure time is limited. On a busy paced tour you may return home feeling as though you need a rest but knowing that you have packed as much in as possible in your time in the country or region that you have visited.

Please note that these ratings are just a guide to assist in choosing a suitable tour. If you are in any doubt about the tour pace, we encourage you to get in touch with us at the office before booking your tour  where we will be happy to discuss the day to day programme so you can be sure that the tour meets your requirements.