Travel grades

To help you choose the perfect adventure holiday we have given each of our tours a trip rating.

Our Style of trips

Our trips include the highlights of the destinations that we’re visiting, but these are often combined with some lesser known but equally fascinating sites. Our itineraries sometimes include an active element, maybe a walk or some trekking, as this can be the best way to experience some of the most fascinating areas of a country, far from where motorised transport can reach and where local culture is often at its most engaging. Our itineraries have all been carefully selected and researched as we understand that often it’s the little and unexpected elements that can turn a good trip into an amazing trip. Where possible we allow flexibility to modify itineraries to fit in with local circumstances, for instance a visit to a nearby festival or or a local school. All of our itineraries have been given careful attention to in order to ensure that the niggles that are often associated with travel in out of the way places are ironed out as much as possible before you arrive.

We understand that although you want value for money this should not translate into a loss of quality. We aim to provide you with a quality experience rather than offer you the cheapest trip around, and this doesn’t just relate to the itinerary but to the accommodation, inclusions, local guides and level of back up support.

Tour Classifications

Our group tours and private trips are graded as either Pioneer or Traveller.

In addition, each itinerary is individually graded on fitness, adventure, culture, history and wildlife, allowing you to see how each tour would suit your needs and interests. 


On one of our Pioneer tours, you will be amongst an elite group of intrepid travellers and some of the first to explore a country that few have been privileged enough to discover. Of course, reaching such remote areas of the world will come with its challenges; it may mean several nights camping, long journeys by 4WD and the need to maintain a degree of flexibility for when carefully laid plans change. These are challenging tours in countries and areas that may have poor infrastructure, high levels of poverty and illiteracy.


Our Traveller itineraries are at the core of our programme. These journeys are designed for travellers who still want to discover a land far away from the tourist crowds but expect minimum standards. Accommodation will be primarily hotel based, although you could still find yourself camping, or the guest of a local family. Depending on the destination and itinerary, you’ll likely be travelling in a private vehicle, with occasional use of public transport. 

Individual Tour Ratings 

Each of our tours is given an individual tour rating depending on the following five aspects.

Fitness – How physical is the tour? This is rated from 1-5 with 5 being the most physically challenging. If this is a concern, give us a call and we can talk through why the tour has a certain fitness level rating. All of our tours are suitable for any reasonably fit adult.

Adventure – How adventurous is the tour? We have rated this from 1-5 with 5 being the most adventurous. A tour may be adventurous due to many factors including the low number of visitors to the country, the area we travel to or the lack of infrastructure in the country.

Culture – Is there a lot of cultural activity on this tour? Rated 1-5 with 5 being the most cultural. The higher the rating the more the tours focuses on arts, festivals, beliefs and all other products of human work and thought.

History – Does the tour visit many historical sights? We have again rated this from 1-5 with 5 being the most historical. These will include UNESCO heritage as well as local archaeological sights, castles and forts and places of historical significance.

Wildlife – Is there a wildlife focus to this tour? The more that the tour focuses on wildlife, the higher the rating from 1-5 with 5 having the greatest wildlife focus. This can be trekking in a rainforest looking for Lemur in Madagascar, spotting the Ethiopian wolf or spending time with gorillas in Uganda.

Each of our tours has a detailed dossier that you can request with a full day to day itinerary.