New Tours for India and Nepal

Once again we have packed our suitcases and been out on the road looking for those special experiences that go to make an Undiscovered Destinations holiday. Recent trips include Bhutan and the Comoros with staff lucky enough to have flights booked ready to tour in Ukraine, Suriname and Georgia. Keep up to date with all our latest travels by visiting our Undiscovered Destinations Travel Blog.

We are delighted to announce that we have now launched a range of exciting tours in India. From our Big Cats and Small Kingdoms tour exploring Rajasthan and Gujarat to the amazing Nagaland Hornbill Festival, our India tours have all got that little bit of Undiscovered Destinations ‘off the beaten track’ discovery built in to them. For the first time visitor to India, then our Rajasthan Encompassed, 16 day escorted tour is perfect. Whilst taking in all the world famous areas you would expect, we also take you behind the scenes to meet and greet the local people and learn local customs.

In addition to our new India tours, we have also launched a new tour in Nepal. Starting and ending in Kathmandu we take in the very best of the country and marvel at the quite stupendous views of mystical snow capped peaks soaring over 8000 metres high. With the focus away from the normal trekking holiday in Nepal, we try and explore Nepal's fascinating cultural variety and historical monuments as well as soaking up the incredible views of the Himalayas.

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