London to Beijing 

Trans-Siberian Rail Adventure

London to Beijing – Trans-Siberian Rail Adventure – a 22 day Private Tour from £4,650 per person.

A unique flight-free adventure from the UK to Beijing.

For many travellers to take the legendary Trans-Siberian Railway through Russia to Mongolia and China is a bucket list experience. And it’s for good reason. Jim Louth, the founder of Undiscovered Destinations, made the journey from Japan back to the UK via the Trans-Siberian in the 1980s, at a time when Mikhail Gorbachev was introducing his ‘Perestroika’ reforms.

Even now Jim talks very fondly about his adventure. Most memorable was the opportunity to meet the curious, welcoming Russian people, who were keen to chat and share their vodka.

London to Moscow

These days a number of options are available for those wanting to reach China by rail, including a couple of luxury ‘hotel trains’. But at Undiscovered Destinations we want you to experience the real Trans-Siberian, and in doing so, like Jim did all those years ago, you will then come away with many fond memories and tales of meeting the local people.

Your truly epic journey will start from the heart of London with a hop on Eurostar over to the continent. Next it’s onto Moscow, but which route should you take? Several options are available. Most travellers will choose the traditional route via Berlin, Poland and Belarus. Or head north for stunning scenery and travel by train and ferry via Scandinavia to Saint Petersburg.

Romania and Moldova

For those who share our passion for getting off the beaten track we have designed this itinerary to take in two of our favourite ‘undiscovered’ destinations in Europe – Romania and Moldova. Add in the bonus of a superbly scenic ride through the Swiss and Austrian Alps, and we believe that the slightly longer journey is well worthwhile.

Travel through the splendid Carpathian Mountains and stop in Transylvania, before heading onto little visited Moldova.  Explore the capital, Chişinău, before venturing into the self-proclaimed breakaway Republic of Transnistria, a relic of Leninist Russia, whose autonomous society recalls much of the old Soviet-style state.

Trans-Siberian Rail Adventure

From Moldova take the sleeper train to Moscow where you will have time to visit the Kremlin and other ‘must see’ sights. The next leg of your adventure is a truly epic four night journey on the Trans-Siberian bound for Irkutsk, jumping off point for an overnight stay on the shores of Lake Baikal, the deepest lake in the world and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Back on the train and next stop is the distant lands of Mongolia. With enough time to see the main sights including Gorkhi Terelj National Park with its beautiful alpine scenery, we think this taster of a visit won’t be your last.

Gobi Desert and China

Finally, enjoy your last night on the train as you cross the Gobi Desert to Beijing. You will pass through rural China as well as mountainous river valleys, before continuing on past the amazing Great Wall of China, finally arriving in the Chinese capital. For those with time to extend their adventure we will be pleased to organise your travels within China or beyond.

For the ultimate overlanding experience continue by train to South East Asia and take the sleeper from Beijing to Hanoi. Forget the war-torn clichés and stark monochrome images seared into our visions of Vietnam: this is a country as alive and vividly vibrant as any corner of the globe.


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We start our Trans-Siberian Rail Adventure by taking a morning Eurostar to Paris. Upon arrival at Gare du Nord make your own way to Gare de Lyon, designed for the 1900 World Exposition, complete with elaborate clock-tower and indicative of the height of Parisian Belle Époque design. As you will be travelling with luggage we would recommend a taxi, rather than taking the metro, or we can pre-arrange a private car transfer.

Just let us know at the time of booking. And make sure you allow plenty of time to travel across Paris; we would suggest a minimum of 1½ hours. Alternatively, allow a little longer and break your journey for lunch at the fabulous Train Bleu restaurant inside the Gare de Lyon. Opened in 1900, it is decorated in a sumptuous art nouveau style, making a great start to your adventure. Be sure to book a table in advance (


Continue from Paris to Zurich on a TGV-Lyria train, a journey of just over 4 hours, passing through a patchwork of quiet French villages and open fields, briefly pausing at Dijon before reaching Basel, the Swiss border and gently rising foothills of the Alps that flank the fledgling Rhine river. Arrive in the late afternoon or early evening at the magnificent sandstone neo-Renaissance station and stay overnight. We have chosen a hotel that is just a short walk from the station. Overnight Hotel St. Gotthard, or similar.

Leave Zurich mid-morning for Vienna by a slick Austrian Railjet train via the fabulous Arlberg Pass that lances dramatically through the Alps and into the Austrian Tirol. The train runs along the Zürichsee and Walensee lakes, and then hugs the mountainside, before it snakes through a huge valley, past Swiss and Austrian scenery taken straight from the Sound of Music.  Sit back, relax and perhaps enjoy lunch (at own expense) in the dining car.


Arrive in Vienna early evening where you will have just over an hour to make the connection for the onward train to Brasov, Romania. Board the Dacia sleeper train and settle into your private compartment. Enjoy the rare opportunity of being able to take dinner (at own expense) in the train’s dining car before retiring for the night in your sleeper. The Dacia is one of the few European sleeper trains with a dining car – in this case it is attached as far as Budapest, about three hours into the journey. Overnight train. (B)

Wake up to lovely scenery as the train travels through Transylvania. Your sleeping car attendant will provide a simple light breakfast and hot drinks or for something more substantial a bistro car is normally attached to the train from about 09:30. The line sweeps up the broad valley of the River Olt, dotted with small towns and farming villages. Keep your eyes peeled for the fortifications that tell of the turbulent past of the region before the route rises steadily into the hills, plunging into a tunnel to emerge at the start of the descent into your destination.

Upon arrival in Brasov at around lunchtime check-in at your hotel located very close to the railway station. Afternoon at leisure for you to relax, or explore Brasov’s historical centre on your own. Overnight Kronwell Brasov Hotel or similar.


After breakfast meet your guide at the hotel and set off to visit the key sights on a private walking tour. Stops include Braşov’s historical centre, inspired by the Saxons who were invited to colonise this region in the Middle Ages, the Old Town Hall Square, Black Church – an emblematic Gothic masterpiece, Rope Street, Katherine’s Gate, and Schei District. After the tour the afternoon will be free for you to explore on your own. Overnight Kronwell Brasov Hotel or similar. (B)

Enjoy a leisurely morning before taking an afternoon train to Bucharest, a journey of about three hours through the landscape which inspired Bram Stoker’s famous gothic masterpiece. The initial part of the journey winds over a pass through the Carpathians, heavily forested, with sudden views of razor sharp mountains, small villages and lonely monasteries, before you begin to descend alongside the Prahova River towards the capital.

You will have around three hours in Bucharest before taking the overnight sleeper onto Moldova, so we suggest you take the opportunity to have an early dinner (at own expense) before boarding the train. At around 7pm board the Prietenia sleeper service for the Moldovan capital, Chişinău.


Get some rest before the train reaches the Romanian/Moldovan frontier in the early hours of the morning as you will be woken up by the sounds of the border guards stomping up and down the corridors, knocking on compartment doors and asking to see passports. For some travellers it will feel rather nostalgic as such formalities used to be common across Europe. It all adds to the sense of rediscovering travel and adventure, even if your sleep is disturbed.  Overnight train. (B)

Arrive in Chişinău at around 9am where you will be met at the station and transferred to your hotel centrally located close to the city’s Nativity Cathedral and Parliament building. After an early check-in (subject to availability) you will have the remainder of the day to rest or to explore on your own. Overnight Radisson Blu Leogrand Hotel or similar.


Meet your guide at the hotel for a private tour that will delve into Soviet-era history. You will explore the hotly-contested Republic of Transnistria and learn of the struggles and conflicts taking place between competing authorities in the area, and gain insight into the region’s complex history. Visit the towns of Tiraspol and Bender — home to iconic statues of Communist revolutionary Vladimir Lenin — and admire imposing Soviet-era buildings from the Communist regime.

Along the way, pass memorials to conflicts including the Soviet-Afghan War and World War II. Return to Chişinău by mid-afternoon. Overnight Radisson Blu Leogrand Hotel or similar. (B)

Mid-morning you will be transferred back to the station. You will board the train and continue our Trans-Siberian Rail Adventure with the long journey north to Moscow. As with all long-distance rail travel it is important to be prepared. Catering on the train is likely to be limited so bring some basic provisions with you such as snacks, some fruit and plenty of drinking water. Or ask your hotel to prepare a picnic.

A unique feature of many trains serving Russia and the former Soviet countries is the availability of boiling hot water. Most sleeping cars will have a boiler known as “samovar” at one end of the carriage. So this is ideal for making hot drinks and snacks such as instant noodles, soup or porridge which you should purchase before getting on the train. And of course the samovars heat water for tea, the lifeblood for many Russians.

The train will travel through Ukraine to reach Russia and you can expect further checking of passports, but unlike on the trip from Bucharest to Chişinău, it is expected you will reach the border crossings at a more sociable time. Overnight train. (B)


Most of today will be spent on the train travelling from the Ukraine/Russian border to Moscow. Use the time to meet your fellow passengers who will no doubt be keen to practise their English. Arrive at Moscow’s Kiyevsky station at about 5pm where you will be met and transferred to your hotel located in the city’s historical centre. Overnight Hotel Arbat or similar.

After breakfast you will be met by your guide and taken on a half day tour to explore Moscow’s key sights including Red Square, with the Kremlin and St Basil’s Cathedral, Alexander Gardens and the Eternal Flame, Lenin’s mausoleum, the memorial to Soviet cosmonauts and the famous artists’ quarter of Old Arbat. Later return to your hotel with the afternoon at leisure or explore more of the city on your own. Overnight Hotel Arbat or similar. (B)

After a free morning you will be transferred to Moscow’s Yaroslavski station where a guide will advise, and assist, in purchasing provisions for the train if desired, accompany you to the platform, ensure that everyone is settled into their cabins and answer any last minute questions. Overnight train. (B and L or .D*)

*Please note that unless you are advised otherwise your rail fare will include two set meals per person, lunch (L) or dinner (D), for the entire journey from Moscow to Irkutsk (not two meals per day), which you will take in the train’s dining car.

You will spend the day on the train, heading past the cities of the Golden Ring, the great industrial city of Kirov and finally the ex-military city of Perm, at the eastern most edge of European Russia, before crossing through the Ural Mountains and into Asia. Overnight train. (L or D*)

*Please note that unless you are advised otherwise your rail fare will include two set meals per person, lunch (L) or dinner (D), for the entire journey from Moscow to Irkutsk (not two meals per day), which you will take in the train’s dining car.

The Trans-Siberian Rail Adventure continues as we pass through the previously forbidden Soviet city of Yekaterinburg. You will spend the day on the train while it leaves the eastern foothills of the Ural Mountains and heads for Novosibirsk. This is the largest city in Siberia, and the third largest in Russia, behind only Moscow and Saint Petersburg. Overnight train.

Enjoy your day on the train, travelling along the seemingly limitless tracks and through the incredible forests of Siberia. You will pass the mighty Altai region, crossing the River Yenisei at Krasnoyarsk, before heading deep into Asia. Overnight train.

Upon arrival in Irkutsk, you will be met at the station and transferred to Listvyanka village on the shores of Lake Baikal, where you will have time to freshen up and have a meal at your lakeside chalet. After some free time in the afternoon, the day is rounded off with a traditional Baikal dinner and by indulging in an optional sauna in the village ‘Banya’. Overnight Nikolay’s Homestay or similar. (D)


After breakfast return to Irkutsk by car where you will take a guided tour including the key sights, including beautiful Russian Orthodox churches, the Polish Cathedral (the only Siberian Gothic-style building) and houses decorated with ‘wooden laces’ (hand-made carvings). After check-in at your centrally located hotel the remainder of the day will be free. Overnight Victory Hotel or similar. (B)



Following an early morning transfer to the railway station, you will catch the train to Ulan-Bator. Once through Ulan-Ude, the home of Russian Buddhism and capital of the local Buryat Republic, the train will head towards the Mongolian border.

It should be noted that this train does not having a dining car so it essential that you travel with your own food and drink, including plenty of water. We suggest you buy these items the day before, after you have finished the city tour of Irkutsk. Your guide will be pleased to assist. Overnight train. (B)

The Trans-Siberian Rail Adventure arrives in Mongolia! After your early morning arrival at the station, you will be transferred to your hotel (early check-in guaranteed) where you will be able to freshen up and have some breakfast (at own expense) before joining your guide to visit the Gorkhi Terelj National Park.

After lunch return to the capital for a tour of Ulan Bator to see the city’s unique monuments, along with time to browse in local art, antique and cashmere shops. Time permitting your tour will end with a visit to Zaisan Hill to view a panorama of the city. Overnight Hotel Nine or similar. (L)

After an early morning transfer to the station, board the train for Beijing which travels through the famous Gobi Desert and towards the Chinese border. Later in the evening, the train will reach the Chinese border where the impressive procedure of bogie-changing takes place and the wheelsets are changed due to the different gauges of the track, before heading onto Beijing. Overnight train. (B)

Rural China

Throughout the morning and afternoon, you will pass through rural China as well as mountainous river valleys, before continuing on past the amazing Great Wall of China, finally arriving in the Chinese capital, Beijing, where you will be met and transferred to your centrally located hotel. Overnight Grand Mercure Beijing Dongcheng or similar.

After your overland adventure all the way from Europe we have set today aside for you to get some rest or to explore Beijing on your own at leisure. Alternatively Undiscovered Destinations can organise guided sightseeing or additional travel arrangements in China or beyond. Overnight Grand Mercure Beijing Dongcheng or similar. (B)

The Trans-Siberian Rail Adventure ends today. Check-out from your hotel before 12:00. A private transfer will be arranged to the airport or railway station for your departure. (B)

We offer theTrans-Siberian Rail Adventure tour for private departures only

Prices start from £4,650 per person, based on two people travelling.

Call us to book.

Tour Notes

The Single Supplement on the Trans-Siberian Rail Adventure is from £1,400.

A One way flights on the Trans-Siberian Rail Adventure from Beijing back to London start at £270. Contact us for a quotation.

Take the Trans-Siberian Railway from Moscow to  Ulan Bator and enjoy Mongolia’s spectacular Golden Eagle Festival. Each year, in September or October, beneath the expansive skies of Mongolia’s western wilderness and before the towering peaks of the majestic Altai Mountains, Kazakh hunters from near and far attend the festival for competitions based on the speed, agility, and accuracy of their magnificent hunting eagles.

Contact Jim for details of a 20 day Trans-Siberian Railway package from Moscow to Beijing including a 10 day private tour in Mongolia taking in the Golden Eagle Festival.

Prices from £6,300 per person, based on two people travelling, for a private tour.

All of our Epic Rail Journeys can be customised  and your adventure can start from the UK or any other country in Europe. Prices on request. 

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