The Best Things to Do in Tirana in 2 Days

For decades, Albania has remained an untouched travel destination, even for the more adventurous of nomads and travel enthusiasts. But in recent years, the country has begun to work its way up the rankings as a Southern European hotspot that caters for every type of traveller. 

From breathtaking mountainous landscapes and beaches to catching a glimpse of the country’s turbulent history in its major cities, Albania packs more of a punch than many travellers realise. So, for those looking to get a taste of this country, a visit to Tirana, the capital of Albania, is a more than enticing destination. 

The city offers an unfiltered glimpse into the timeline and growth of this beautiful Balkan location. Whilst it has not been widely recognised as a go-to city break, it’s a charming one that encapsulates the very best of Albania’s history, culture, and heritage.

For those tempted to have their next holiday in Albania and visit the capital, 2 days is plenty of time to take in its main sights and scenes. This is why we’ve recommended below the best things to do in Tirana in 2 days to experience the very best of Albania during a whistlestop visit to its capital. 

If the Balkan Peninsula has caught your eye as a whole, why not consider our Albania, Kosovo, & Macedonia Tour to reveal this tucked-away corner of Europe and discover the best of its heritage and culture?

What to Do in Tirana, Albania

Day 1 in Tirana: Things to Do

  • Visit Skanderbeg Square

Skanberbeg is the beating heart of Tirana city. Surrounded by the communist buildings that compose a large part of Albania’s politically turbulent past, it is an important site in the city that everything leads back to. 

The square is named after Albania’s national hero, the 15th-century commander of the same name who led the rebellion against the Ottoman Empire. He is still regarded as one of the most significant figures in Albania’s history. 

Skanderbeg is the home of many of the city’s most important, and influential, cultural and historical sites, including the Clock Tower and Et’hem Bey Mosque. The area is composed of over 28,000 square metres of paved stone tiling whereby locals and visitors alike roam freely whilst admiring the structures and architecture nearby. 

So, for those looking to immerse themselves in the centre of all activity in Albania’s capital city, Skanderbeg Square is the place to be.

  • Marvel at the Mosque of Et’hem Bey

As one of the oldest buildings in Tirana city, the Et’hem Bey Mosque is a religiously significant site that has stood the test of time.

It reopened in 1991 after being shut under communist rule, with visitors and residents now being free to walk its beautiful halls and marvel at its impressive structure now free from the worry of oppression. 

Located in the surroundings of Skanderbeg Square, it’s not hard to miss Et’hem Bey Mosque because of its unique architecture and detail. Its exterior is adorned with beautiful frescoes and its minaret towers over the city landscape. Its interior, on the other hand, is painted in bold shades of red and green and features beautiful arches, windows, and a large dome. 

For its sheer beauty alone, you can’t miss visiting E’them Bey Mosque whilst touring this Albanian capital city.

Ethem Bey Mosque

  • Climb Into Bunk’ Art 2

Bunk’ Art 2 is, undoubtedly, one of the most unique architectural sites in Tirana. This old atomic bunker nestled in the centre of the city is almost perfectly preserved from the communist era.

Specifically, the museum sheds light on how the police force in the communist era prosecuted those who were considered to be enemies of the government. Thus, this led to an estimated over 100,000 Albanians being persecuted between the years of 1945 and 1991.  

Situated only a short walk away from Skanderbeg Square, the structure is now a museum and represents the past communist regime. The structure is one of two nuclear bunkers in Tirana city which is now used as a space for visitors to experience this aspect of Albania’s history in an artistic space. 

To understand the depths of Albania’s, and Tirana’s, communist-era history, Bunk’Art 2 should be added to your list. 

  • Explore the Archaeological Museum

For those looking to uncover more of Albania’s history dating back hundreds of years, the Archaeological Museum is home to artefacts and ancient items found all over Albania’s lands. Roman-era statues, jewellery, and other miscellaneous objects compose an eclectic collection of relics that offer visitors a glimpse into the past. 

The museum’s main artefacts are sorted into several rooms which categorise them by their era. From Prehistoric to the Middle Ages, tourists can expect to view an entire timeline of items that showcase the varied past of the country. 

The site makes for an enjoyable day out for all groups, whether families, couples, or those who would consider themselves to be somewhat of a history buff, which is why it makes our list of things to do in Tirana. And located only a short 15-minute stroll from Skanderbeg Square, it’s an ideal last stop on your first day in Tirana.

Bunk Art 2

Day 2 in Tirana: Things to Do

  • Climb The Clock Tower

One of the most distinctive landmarks in Tirana, the clock tower, located in Skanderbeg Square, is a fantastic destination to get a birdseye view of the rooftops and structures of Tirana’s colourful cityscape.

For only a small fee, visitors can climb to the top of this tower to experience panoramic views of the city, with a dramatic backdrop of a towering mountain range in the distance. 

Opened in 1822 and built in the Islamic style, it has a unique architectural design in comparison to other clock towers in European city destinations. And situated next to Et’hem Bey Mosque, the clock tower is in a central location that is perfectly situated to kick start your second day in Tirana city. 

  • Venture Through Mount Dajti National Park

One of the most popular things to do in Tirana is going to experience the sheer natural beauty of Albania’s landscapes, which lie only a short distance away from the city’s borders. Mount Dajti National Park is a famed green space in Albania spanning over 113 square miles.

Found 26 kilometres east of Tirana city, it’s a great expanse of verdant hills and craggy mountaintops that attracts nature and wildlife lovers from far and wide. The mountain itself is the most accessible in the country, so much so that nearby residents in cities such as Tirana often go there to escape the hustle and bustle of the cityscape.

 Here, visitors can hike to their heart’s content in pine forests and along mountainsides, and the area is equally popular amongst mountain bikers for its accessible routes and paths. 

For a little bit of natural bliss beyond Tirana’s buzzing city scenes, Dajti National Park is just what the doctor ordered. It is easy to reach by bus, which departs from outside Tirana’s clock tower and reaches Porcelan. From here, visitors can transfer by bus, or hike 1.5 kilometres if they’re feeling particularly active, uphill to reach the Dajti Express departure point. 

The Dajti Express is a cable car that takes passengers to the very top of Dajti Mountain and is the longest in the Balkans. A tourist attraction in itself, savour breathtaking views of the National Park as you’re hoisted high above the ground. 

Mount Dajti National Park

  • Experience The Local Nightlife 

Whilst it may not seem comparable to the vibrant nighttime scenes of Europe’s top city hotspots, the Tirana nightlife is an experience that should be had whilst visiting the city. 

Tirana bars and clubs are excellent establishments where visitors can experience the culture and social scenes of the city come nightfall. From pubs in which friends can have a more relaxed social gathering in the evening, to nightclubs with DJs and partying until the early hours, there’s a diverse range of nightlife offerings in this city.

The city has also begun to expand its nightlife establishments in recent years, introducing more up-and-coming, hip, and trendy cocktail bars and craft beer houses to its streets. Many of these are open late and feature live music and other entertainment alongside great local drinks for a memorable night out.

Typical nightlife culture in Albania begins with people going for an evening stroll to have their first few drinks in pubs and bars, which is known as ‘Xhiro’, before continuing their evening with a trip to the local nightclubs and discos.

You’ll find most of Tirana’s nightlife centred in the Blloku neighbourhood, which erupts during holidays and weekends with people looking to experience the nightlife of this vibrant city.

Tirana nightlife

Day Trips From Tirana

Tirana’s location means it is within easy reach of some of the Balkan’s must-see destinations and cities. This is why we’ve recommended some of the best day trips from Tirana for travellers looking to experience what lies in Albania’s surrounding landscape. 

  • Shkoder – 2 hours

One of the most historic cities in Albania, Shkoder was the old capital of the Illyrian State and is widely regarded as the country’s traditional capital in its northern region. Here, visitors can experience the country’s ancient history and culture.

One of the things to do whilst visiting the city is discovering Rozafa Castle. The city’s largest tourist attraction, this 14th-century fortification is thought, according to legend, to have been built by three brothers. The legend states that one of them had to sacrifice his wife, Rozafa, for the castle to be able to stand, leaving her buried in its walls. The castle offers sensational views over Shkoder and is within a 30-minute walk from the centre of the city. 

Whilst it is possible to get around Albania by public transport, this can be difficult and at times unreliable. This is why opting for a tour of Albania is a fantastic way to indulge in a plethora of the country’s diverse locations conveniently without the stress of having to organise your own means of transport. 

Our Albania Explorer Tour delves into the beauty of Tirana and Shkoder on the first two days of its itinerary, allowing keen travellers to dive head first into two of Albania’s most historic and monumental cities.

Shkoder, Albania


Tirana is an underestimated city destination in Europe that offers more to visitors than may initially meet the eye. Beyond the turmoil and ruin that still taints travellers’ view of Albania, there are thriving natural landscapes, impressive landmarks, and a fascinating history that is waiting to be discovered, all of which can be experienced during a trip to Tirana.

If our recommendations for things to do in Tirana, Albania have inspired you to plan your next trip to this Balkan gem, our team here at Undiscovered Destinations are on hand to take your call and help you choose the trip of a lifetime.

FAQs About Holidays in Tirana

Is Tirana, Albania Worth Visiting?

Many don’t even consider Albania to be a European destination to visit. But with its unique charm, fascinating history, and exceptional scenery, it’s without a doubt that it’s one of the most underrated European destinations and is certainly worth a visit. 

Is Tirana, Albania Cheap?

Tirana is one of the cheapest cities in the Balkans, and even in Europe, offering its visitors a more than affordable option to explore its history, culture, and heritage without breaking the bank!

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