Georgia – Tbilisi

Tbilisi is the capital of the country of Georgia. The ‘Rome of the Caucasus’ as it is also known is a delight of a city and one that more people would visit if they knew how easy it was.

With direct flights from London to Tbilisi taking less than six hours, the city is perfect for a long weekend break. Alternatively, take a bit longer and explore Georgia and find out more about its beautiful capital city.

From the moment you arrive in Tbilisi you will find the city friendly, welcoming and very accessible for the international tourist with plenty of attractions to recommend.

For the first time visitor to Tbilisi, then the old town is the place to stay. Here you will find stylish cafes and modern restaurants alongside antique bookstores and art galleries displaying the best of the countries talent.

Tbilisi’s strategic location in the South Caucasus, at the juncture of major historical empires and religions in Eurasia, has ensured that is has had a turbulent history and a melting pot of cultural influences. Modern Tbilisi has a population of about 1 million people and since gaining independence from the Soviet Union in 1991, Georgia and Tbilisi have once again found their own unique voice.

Whatever you decide to do on your visit to Tbilisi, and there is plenty to do, you will be doing it in one of the most international, cosmopolitan and sophisticated, yet essentially and distinctly Georgian cities. Tbilisi is as cosy as a small town and as adventurous as any big city!

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I loved Georgia. It was the highlight of the whole tour for me. Tbilisi was not what I was expecting but I have fallen head over heels in love with the city. Wow! I can’t wait to go back.

Ms. Tammy Short, New Zealand

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Why visit Tbilisi?

Tbilisi has many things to commend it to the intrepid traveller. The first thing that anyone visiting Tbilisi should do is to take the cable car from Rike Park and visit the Narikala Fortress. The cable car trip up to the fortress saves you a walk but it will also provide you with amazing 360’ views of the city as you make your way up. Only opened in 2012, the cable car is a cheap and safe introduction to Tbilisi and as you look down on the city you can plan you next port of call.

Once you have got an overview of Tbilisi from the cable car and spent a bit of time exploring the ancient fortress overlooking the city, then yoo should head to the old city. Dzveli Tbilisi, or Old Tbilisi, is a large area known for its snaking lanes, traditional Tbilisi houses, and restaurant-lined Jan Shardeni Street. Picture perfect and warm and welcoming at the same time this is an area that it is hard not to like.

The ancient district of Abanotubani in Tbilisi’s old quarter is home to several equally ancient sulphur bathhouses. Treat yourself to a scrub down and massage for only a few pounds but be warned that the rules mean you must be completely naked.

Your next Tbilisi ‘must do’ is to try a locally made Khachapuri. This is a traditional Georgian comfort food with a boat-shaped flatbread coming fresh from a wood burning oven straight to your table. The centre will be bubbling with melted cheese, a runny egg, and a generous helping of butter.

Wash it down with some of the excellent Georgian wine and you will soon see why once a person has visited Tbilisi, it is forever in their heart.

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