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Suriname is one of those countries that very few people have heard of and even fewer could point to on a map. Located on the north-eastern coast of South America, the Republic of Suriname, to give it its full title, is a wildlife paradise with much of the country covered in rain forest.

With French Guiana to the east and Guyana to the west, Suriname is the smallest country in South America with a population close to 600,000 most of who live close to the capital Paramaribo or along the northern Atlantic coast.

A former Dutch colony, (it was once known as Dutch Guiana) Suriname is now a melting pot of different cultures. With a population made up from the descendants of escaped African slaves, Dutch and British colonialists, Indian, Indonesian and Chinese labourers and indigenous Amerindians you will find a vibrant culture and a people proud of their history.

Undiscovered Destinations group tours to Suriname explore the highlights of this fascinating country.

On highlight is Paramaribo. Suriname’s capital looks rather out of place in South America – an unusual collection of architecture that often has you wondering exactly where you are. Located on the banks of the Suriname River, Paramaribo (Parbo to the locals) changed hands a few times between the Dutch and the English in the early days of their involvement in the region, but was under Dutch control from 1815 until the end of colonial rule in 1975. On street corners and open air bars look out for a man sitting with caged birds – a popular pastime in Suriname is entering birds in to singing competitions!

Another fascinating part of the Suriname culture are the Maroon people. These are the descendants of former runaway slaves who fled the colonial plantations from the end of the 17th century onwards, hoping for a better life in the interior. Most settled alongside rivers, some crossing into French Guyana and customs that they had brought with them from Africa remain largely free from outside influences. A visit to Maroon villages presents an utterly different side of South America that is rarely encountered by travellers.

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The welcome we received from the lodges in Guyana was amazing and at times we felt like part of the extended family. Loved Surama and having a chance to meet the villagers, and Karanambu was an incredible place – Diane is a real inspiration. We were very lucky with wildlife sightings – jaguar, tapir and giant anteater! Would love to do it all over again. Thanks so much for arranging this for us.


Katherine and Roy Douglas, UK

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Why visit Suriname?

From the vibrant capital, Paramaribo to rain forest and savannah where few ever travel, Suriname is a true undiscovered destination. With a combination of Latin American and West African cultures blended together, Suriname offers the discerning traveller a choice of holiday type. For such a small country it offers the chance to focus your tour on wildlife, culture or history or even a combination of all three.


As you may have guessed, the food in Surinamese is as rich and diverse as the country’s ethnic makeup. One must taste local dish is the gumbo and cassava soup. You may also want to try the Saoto. A dish that originated in Indonesia but has been given a typical Surinamese touch and is  served in every warung (Indonesian restaurant) in Suriname. Soato is spicy, and, if you want to, you can add, the sambal (very hot pepper); but this is only for those who dare!

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