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The word “exotic” is sadly an epithet that cannot be attached to Spain for most visitors. Denuded of its dreamy dune-fringed shores by the explosion of resort-type accommodation of the 20th century and dominated by the twin honey-pots of tourist processions that are Madrid and Barcelona, there seems little to draw the wily adventurer or lover of the out of the ordinary.

Yet, cast back just a few centuries of human experience and the Iberian Peninsula was a land of strikingly exceptional cultural diversity. This is the very landscape we seek to unearth for you, a place of unabashed mediaeval Christian devotion, forgotten Jewish quarters, dazzling Roman feats of architecture and Moorish military extravagance.

Beginning amidst the hallowed ways of the Compostela pilgrims’ ways, we lace together three pearls of Spanish history.

Staying at paradors – unique hotels in some of the nation’s finest historical buildings – you sleep where honoured pilgrims found rest in the world’s oldest hotel, we indulge you with a hillside setting offering one of Europe’s finest views in the skyline of beautiful Segovia, and we usher you into the breathlessly hallowed interior of the Granada’s Alhambra where few ever chance to lay their weary heads.

To combine the delights of these three contrasting but utterly captivating cities, you travel by rail, plunging through the uplands, plains and mountains of Spain’s interior that transforms from lush to rugged as silver rails flash beneath you.

We urge you to seek with us a different Spain where history breathes through magnificent buildings, labyrinthine streets and effervescent people.

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Why visit Spain?

In a land whose history is rent by invaders, one might expect bitter scars and brash modernity. And yet there are few places on our very doorstep where we can marvel at how Romans brought sophistication and engineering on a scale hitherto unimaginable; where the Moorish invader bestowed for centuries on the south an artistic, architectural and academic flowering which is still very much in evidence; where the worn cobbles of narrow timeless streets effortlessly can connect you with the devotion of centuries of Christian pilgrims. Such is the soul of Spain.

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