Safari holidays take you out in to nature and allow you to see wildlife in its natural environment. Undiscovered Destinations range of safari holidays offer some of the most exciting and genuine wildlife experiences possible on the planet.

If you are looking for a safari holiday, we would say that you shouldn’t limit your search to only an African safari holiday. There are amazing wildlife experiences available throughout the world and even within Africa, the range of options is daunting.

At Undiscovered Destinations we focus on regions and countries that are a bit off the beaten track. Therefore yuo will find that our safari holidays also focus on regions and countries that are a bit off the beaten track. Safari holiday in Chad? Wild bear viewing in Kamchatka?

If you are looking for a slightly different safari holiday, then let Undiscovered Destinations be your guide. Whether you are looking for a small group safari holiday or a tailor-made safari holiday, take a look at the holiday options below.

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PJ was an exceptional guide. We were very impressed by his enthusiasm and energy plus his knowledge of the country, flora and fauna was incredible. We all felt sure that without him we wouldn’t have seen some of the wild life in the Entosha National Park as some of the animals were hard to find with the migration season underway. I have some superb photographs of animal behaviour that I knew nothing about before I came away.

Mrs R. Rennie, U.K.

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Why Safari Holidays?

A safari does not necessarily have to be in Africa but for most, when you tell someone that you enjoy taking safari holidays, then they will assume it is in Africa. There is good reason for this. Many of the game parks of East Africa, in particular safaris in Kenya and Tanzania have become part of the multi-national package tourism business.  Unfortunately, this has led to horror stories of huge crowds and queues of jeeps waiting in turn to view a single lion. For many this is the bad side of tourism and something that Undiscovered Destinations is careful not to be a part of.

Not all safari holidays are the same. And despite what you may think or what you may have been told, you do not have to pay a small fortune to go on a safari holiday. Wildlife experiences vary from region to region but one constant remains the same. You must have access to great local knowledge and good quality local guides. This has been Undiscovered Destinations ethos since we began operating in 2004.

The difference between a good safari holiday and a bad safari holiday is the guide. A good safari guide with excellent local knowledge can entertain and educate even when the wildlife is sparse. Knowing when and where to spot the ‘Big Five’ is essential, but do they also know about the ‘Little Five’? (

Some safari holidays can be focussed on just one species. In Uganda you can partake in arguably the best wildlife experience there is. Gorilla watching in Uganda is certainly top of the list for many people when it comes to safari holidays. Although the focus and the highlight of the holiday is the gorilla watching, there are also opportunities to track chimpanzees in Kibale Forest and get close to some of Africa’s most iconic wildlife in Murchison Falls and Queen Elizabeth National Park.

Whatever your preference, at Undiscovered Destinations we will go through the options when you speak to one of our highly travelled and experienced travel consultants. A safari holiday can and should be the holiday of your dreams so make sure that you entrust it to experts.

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