Top 20 Names of Adventurous Travellers

People with these names are the most adventurous travellers, does your name make the list?

At Undiscovered Destinations we specialise in authentic, intrepid travel to some of the world’s most off-the-beaten-path destinations.

We know our travellers have a lot in common with each other – they all have a passion for exploring undiscovered corners of the world, learning about new places and cultures, and gaining a true glimpse into some of the world’s most incredible destinations.

But we wondered whether there may be anything else that links the world’s most adventurous travellers together – such as their name!

Studies have suggested that your name can play a huge role in forming your personality and experiences, so it makes sense that people with certain names could potentially be more naturally inclined towards adventure than others.

With this in mind we took to TripAdvisor and crawled over 1500 reviews of some of the world’s most unique and intrepid places to find out the most common names of the travellers who have visited these locations.

From this we have put together our findings of the names of the world’s most adventurous travellers, read on below to see whether your name made the cut and whether you agree.

The Names of the Most Adventurous Travellers

People named Chris were found to be the most adventurous travellers, with people named Chris leaving the most reviews for the adventurous travel destinations we looked at.

Next up its Jan, with a high number of Jans having visited (and loved) the world landmarks we analysed.

Rounding out the top 5 is Michael, Daniel and Peter also proving popular among the more thrill-seeking traveller.

The Male Names Taking the Lead in Adventure Travel

The top 10 names overall were largely comprised of male names, with Chris taking the top spot and another 8 names in the top 10 being primarily associated as male names.

Looking closer at just the top 10 male names, Mark also makes it onto the list.

The Female Names Taking the Lead in Adventure Travel

Of course we know that women enjoy adventure travel just as much as men, and in fact a large number of our customers are females. So we wanted to delve deeper into the top 10 female names most likely to have a sense of adventure when it comes to travel.

Jan which is primarily used as a female name came out as the most common female name for adventure travels – perhaps a rather surprising result, and potentially nodding to a love for adventure travel across a range of generations.

Other female names most likely to be held by adventure travel loving ladies include Sarah, Maria, Susan and Carol.


To conduct our research, we collated a list of some of the world’s most adventurous travel experiences.

We then crawled all TripAdvisor reviews for each of these locations analysing the name of the reviewer.

We totalled how many times someone of the same name had left a review and tallied up the most common names of reviewers.


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