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For years Burma, or Republic of the Union of Myanmar, occupied a politically incorrect hinterland. A dictatorial military regime presiding over institutional abuse of human rights, ignoring electoral defeat and denying democracy to the Burmese people.

Travellers were advised not to visit. Times changed.

Since 2011, following free elections, opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi has effectively led a more liberal government. However, persecution of Myanmar’s Rohingya Muslim minority, resulting in the displacement of a million people, has been likened to ‘a textbook example of ethnic cleansing’ by the United Nations. Press freedoms have continued to be attacked and journalists gaoled. In the light of Suu Kyi’s silence in condemning these actions, many long-time supporters deserted her.

Politically, Myanmar is neither black nor white. Small scale tourism offers a window onto this complicated country and injects cash at a grass roots level into an economy starved of investment. To see once is worth a thousand words… And for those with the time and a disposition to accommodate the vagaries of pioneering off-the-beaten-track tourism, these fascinating tours really lives up to the billing.

It is still probably the best kept secret in South East Asia. For the adventure traveller, Myanmar is a stunning country with a huge amount to offer.

Undiscovered Destinations offer a selection of small group tours and private tailor made holidays that encompass its diverse attractions and allow you to get a real feel for the country.

The stunning temples at Bagan, spread out over an enormous dusty plain, are one of Asia’s premier historical sites, with superb opportunities to explore remote stupas and watch a glorious sunset over the temple roofs. Yangon’s colonial architecture takes you back to the days of British rule, sitting alongside ancient Buddhist monuments that continue to be used today. Explore old monasteries and visit local villages on Inle Lake, and delve into the country’s past at the royal city of Mandalay.

We also get away from the now well trodden tourist path, visiting areas that have rarely, if ever, come across western tourists including travelling overland from Thailand over land borders only recently opened to tourists.

Myanmar offers an adventure that is very difficult to find in other South East Asian countries.

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A very enjoyable time. Very well organised trip with great variety of activities and seeing non-tourist places made it very special. Nina was one of the best guides I have ever travelled with. Very professional, knowledgeable, helpful and always full of smiles.


Marta Tari, UK

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Why visit Myanmar?

Isolated for decades, Myanmar (also known as Burma) holds a wealth of cultural and historical treasures, and there is plenty for an intrepid traveller to explore. The main highlights of the country are a must see but you should also get off the beaten track a  little to discover some hidden gems and areas that are rarely seen by Western tourists. From chaotic and charming Yangon, where you must take a tour of the Shwedagon Pagoda, to Kayah villages and old pagodas and monasteries, ther really is so much to see and do in Myanmar.



If you have the chance, a great way to see the rural countryside and get close to the people is to go trekking to the villages in Kayah state. Here you can learn about the ethnic longneck tribe, their customs and their beliefs.

You can also add in a cycle tour of Mandalay, another really good way to explore and to get up close with the local people. A highlight for most travellers to Myanmar is Bagan. Bagan is one of the most spectacular sites in Asia, a vast collection of ancient temples which rise out of the dusty plains next to the Ayeyarwaddy and make for superb exploration. To make this visit even more memorable, why not book one of the early morning balloon trips over the temples?

Myanmar is one of the most stunning parts of Asia and for those that do visit; the need to return is compelling.

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