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Why Travel to Macedonia?

Macedonia, most commonly referred to as North Macedonia and officially as the Republic of North Macedonia, is a former state of Yugoslavia. Landlocked between Greece, Albania, Kosovo and Bulgaria, it is part of the Balkan region and part of the Mediterranean and is a fascinating destination to explore.

With influences from Roman, Greek and Ottoman cultures, untouched natural beauties including Lake Ohrid, and beautiful rural destinations that remain largely free from tourists,  Macedonia is a lesser-discovered cultural marvel.

Highlights of a Tour to North Macedonia

It’s surprising that Macedonia doesn’t attract more tourists than it does. The fact that there are so few tourists annually has nothing to do with the country’s lack of attractions; it may be because the tourist infrastructure is not as advanced as its southern neighbour Greece. 

This shouldn’t deter you from visiting, however, as Macedonia certainly has plenty of sights and scenery to keep curious visitors occupied.

Macedonia is a great mixture of the Balkans and the Mediterranean. In this small enclave, you will find the history and culture of these two regions come together in a melting pot of gastronomic delight, unrivalled hospitality, and fantastic entertainment.

Macedonia’s residents are open and welcoming, making it one of the most hospitable and friendly countries in Europe. Most of its residents speak at least some English, with the younger generation speaking the most. Residents are willing and delighted to talk to tourists from all over the world and share their experiences living in Macedonia alongside any advice they may have for you during your trip.

With great locally produced wines, phenomenal, untouched national parks and a history dating back millennia, you should visit Macedonia now before it becomes the next ‘big thing’ in travel!

You can see it all in our tour of Macedonia, Albania and Kosovo.

Private & Small Group Tours to Macedonia

Macedonia can be best experienced on a small group tour, offering you the opportunity to explore the country without the need to organise your own itinerary. Our local tour leaders on hand during these tours are experts on the country, its history, and culture, meaning you’ll gain insider knowledge of the region during your next trip to Macedonia. 

We also offer the option of tailor-made tours so that you can take the reins on your holiday as you pick and choose the sights, scenes, and destinations that you are most interested in.

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Best Macedonia Holiday Destinations

Skopje is the capital and the largest city of the Republic of Macedonia. Located on a major north-south Balkan route between Belgrade and Athens, Skopje has had a tumultuous past; with the Romans, Serbs and Ottoman Turks all occupying the city before it became part of Yugoslavia in 1918.

A devastating earthquake then struck Skopje in 1963 where more than 1000 people died and a huge proportion of the city’s buildings were lost, leaving much of Skopje’s current architecture dating from the 1960s and 1970s.

Fortunately, Skopje’s entire heritage was not lost, as much of the northern half of the city escaped the earthquake unharmed, leaving many architectural reminders of the city’s past, such as its reputation as a vital trading town during the Ottoman Empire.


Another must-see sight is Lake Ohrid. Known for its captivating beauty, excellent fishing opportunities, and several golden sand beaches. It is located on the border between Macedonia and the Republic of Albania. The Macedonian section of the lake is beautiful, set amid mountains with stunning views overlooking the water from its beaches and amidst the hills.

The town of Ohrid is one of Macedonia’s most popular tourist destinations, boasting plenty of cultural monuments to discover especially in the old town where, amongst other highlights, you can see part of a Roman amphitheatre. 

Another surprise you may not know when you visit Macedonia is that it is one of Europe’s best wine countries. Macedonians credit their delicious wine’s taste to the sun – its secret ingredient, which in Central Macedonia contributes to the exquisite taste of each and every grape picked. Of course, there is only one way to experience this for yourself and that is to get there and try a glass (or two) for yourself!

Macedonia Culture and Food

Macedonia’s culture is a blend of its own long-standing traditions and other Balkan, Mediterranean, and Turkish influences dating back as far as 333 BCE. The majority of the country’s citizens are ethnic Macedonians who are Christian, or ethnic Albanians, who are generally Muslim. 

The long-standing presence of the Ottoman Turks in the country has crafted the Macedonian traditional cuisine to heavily incorporate Turkish, Mediterranean, and Balkanise elements. Typical traditional dishes we would recommend you try during your visit include the Kebapcinja, a grilled beef kebab of Turkish origin. You should also try baklava, known for being a popular Turkish and Balkan sweet treat, but also highly enjoyed and frequently served throughout Macedonia.

FAQs About Holidays to North Macedonia

Is Macedonia a good destination for a holiday?

Macedonia is undoubtedly a hidden gem in the Balkan Peninsula and in Europe. It boasts a diverse and delectable cuisine, perfect for gastronomes, picturesque natural marvels, and historically rich cities waiting to be discovered. And with warm and welcoming residents, you’re almost guaranteed an enjoyable trip during your next trip to Macedonia.

Is it safe to travel in Macedonia?

Macedonia is a generally safe European country to visit. Criminal violence rates are low, and any personal attacks against foreign visitors are rare. As a tourist, it is considered a safe destination to visit in Europe which makes it a great option for solo or female travellers.

Is North Macedonia beautiful?

North Macedonia boasts some phenomenal natural sights and scenes. With endless mountainous regions, verdant forestry, and amazing displays of flora and fauna, the country is a sublime place to visit in Europe, home to some of the continent’s most gorgeous scenery.

Is North Macedonia cheap to visit?

Macedonia is known to be one of the cheapest countries in Europe which, when considering how beautiful a destination it is, makes it a must-visit place to discover during your next trip to the continent. On average, local beer will cost you less than £1.50 and you can find hotel stays in some of the country’s most popular cities for as little as £10 for the night!

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