Albania – Lake Ohrid

Lake Ohrid is a large stretch of fresh water that runs along the mountainous border between the south-western part of North Macedonia and eastern Albania.

The lake is the deepest in the Balkans region reaching depths of up to 285m and it was formed almost 4 million years ago. Today it is a picture perfect destination, with a beautiful mountain backdrop and calm, mirror like water.

The lake is also home to 200 species of bird and animal, making it an ecological as well as scenic treasure.

If you are visiting Lake Ohrid from the Albanian side, then your first point of call will most likely be the city of Pogradec. Lying on the western shore of Lake Ohrid, Pogradec is a popular tourist destination and actually receives over 300 sunny days per year, on a par with much of southern Spain.

For any traveller visiting, Lake Ohrid has been declared a Natural Heritage Site by UNESCO and it is not hard to see why when you visit.

One of Albania’s most revered national poets, Lasgush Poradeci, sang odes to Lake Ohrid in many of his works: “Upon the road of autumn’s forest, sleeps the endless lake”. Similar to the famous Romantics, Wordsworth, Byron, and Keats, Poradeci’s verse was inspired and sustained by the great natural beauty that surrounded him.

For anyone visiting Lake Ohrid while travelling in Albania, then this is a must see destination.

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Why visit Lake Ohrid?

Pogradec in Albania is going to be your first stop when visiting Lake Ohrid from Albania. The city is surrounded by hills on the southern and western side and the lake is in the eastern and northern side of the city. When visiting Pogradec, the historical centre of the city is lovely to walk around and if you carry on a little further you should head up to the ruins of Pogradec Castle. Although there is not much to see of the castle, the views over the town and the lake are stunning.

If you want to visit Lake Ohrid but want to avoid the tourist crowds, then Albanian side of the lake is much quieter than over on the Macedonian shore. The town of Pogradec is fairly small and not particularly set up for tourists but this actually plays in its favour. It is easy to take a stroll and see a completely undeveloped side of the area.

By the lakeside you will find an array of restaurants and comfortable hotels. When you are there you should not miss a taste of the traditional fish dishes. If you have just one meal, then the one to choose is the baked speckled trout (Koran in Albanian), as well as the famous pickles. There will be a selection of various Albanian wines on offer and we would suggest that you try the traditional wine of Buti, or the famous Perla and Moskat raki of Pogradec.

Before you leave the area, make sure that you take a trip to Drilon and Tushemisht, located about 5km south of just 4-5 km south of Pogradec. The Drilon waters form a small lake which is  surrounded by beautiful green scenery and it makes for a truly beautiful setting.

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