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Kosovo may be small in a geographical sense but it certainly fits a lot in and has something to suit everybody. The capital, Pristina is the largest city of Kosovo with a total population of over 400,000. It is the administrative, economical, and cultural centre of the country, with a long history; in its vicinity archaeological discoveries have been found which date back to the early Neolithic period.

If mountains and walking are more your thing then head to Gazivosa Lake and Mokra Gora. Here you will find some of Europe’s most beautiful scenery and the region is perfect for outdoors pursuits such as hiking, rock climbing and kayaking.

Those of you who are more cultural may take time to explore Gjakova, with its mixture of oriental and modern architecture. And at the end of your tour in Kosovo, why not visit Rahovec Vinery; according to archaeological resources, grapes have been cultivated in the region since the Illyrian times, due to the favourable agro-climatic conditions in the region

No tour would be completye without visiting Prizren. Prizren has around 70,000 inhabitants, and it is a true open-air museum, one of the most beautiful towns of Kosovo. It is situated on the slopes of the Sharri Mountains and on the banks of the river Bistrica. Prizren was established as an important trading town, through which passed old roads towards the Adriatic coast and the interior of the Balkan Peninsula. The area of the Prizren valley has been settled by Illyrians since ancient times. The city already existed in Roman times, and in the 2nd century it is mentioned with the name of Theranda and in the 5th century it is mentioned with the name of Petrizên by Procopius of Caesarea. Of all the cities in Kosovo, Prizren has best preserved the architectural heritage of the past.

Undiscovered Destinations offer tours in Kosovo in conjunction with Albania and Macedonia but we can also tailor-make a tour in Kosovo if you would like. Just contact one of our experienced travel consultants and they will help you plan your trip.

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A surprising region with world-class sites. Our guide Ndrec was a pleasure to be with and very knowledgeable.


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Why visit Kosovo?

Kosovo has changed dramatically. It is always and has always changed dramatically. Recent events threw it to the fore and the world watched as war broke out in 1998. Since the end of the Kosovo war in June 1999, the country has once again transformed and rebuilt, as it has been doing since its first mention dating back to a battle in 1389. Not many people would think of Kosovo as a holiday or tourist destination. Those that do decide to visit will be delighted that they did.

Whatever your reason for wanting to visit Kosovo, you will find more than you thought. Prizren’s beautiful Ottoman buildings, stunning views and medieval monastries (Decan Monastery is a must), wine form the Rahovec vineyards and a welcome from everyone you meet mean that you’ll leave Kosovo with plans to return sooner than you thought.

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