Turkmenistan Encompassed

Turkmenistan Encompassed

Style: PioneerGroundbreaking tours to unique destinations
Duration: 15 days
Type: GroupTravel with a small group of other travellers


What do our clients think of our small group adventure holidays?

I had an amazing holiday and have seen some of the most incredible sights on our planet in a little-known country with a wealth of natural beauty and resources, and met some remarkable people who live lives a million miles from our own!

Kevin Darnell, UK

I am back home safe sound and healthy after wonderful trip toTurkmenistan. Darwaza gas crater and the Diansaur foot prints visit was excellent. The travel to and back was streneous and the trail not easy, but when we see the footprints, we forget the strain! All hotels are very good, even the 2 star or guest house facilities at the pilgrim house were comfortable. All transport, cars, vehicles are of a good condition and the helpful drivers are polite and the driving at all places and at all levels was very safe.

Mr. Kiran Oza, India

Great holiday

Christine Hall, UK

Our first guide was excellent. He was knowledgeable, spoke good English, courteous and friendly. He deserves a good guide award!

Name withheld at client request

We had a very enjoyable time and it was a great trip. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and felt that we covered most destinations in Turkmenistan. 

Jacqui Licht, UK

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