Tailor Made Adventure Holidays and Group Tours in Turkmenistan

Turkmenistan is one of the more unusual countries in Asia, an intriguing mixture of fiercely modern and staunchly traditional, with a wide variety of attractions stretching from ancient history, enigmatic landscapes and interesting cultures. Our group tours and tailor made holidays to Turkmenistan take you to all corners of the country, combining the 'must-see' highlights with lesser known gems. Perhaps best known, if at all, for its slightly eccentric former ruler, the self styled 'Turkmenbashi', Turkmenistan's current near obscurity belies a past littered with the remains of some of the world's most important civilisations. With large tracts of the country still very much a wilderness, it offers unparalleled opportunities to get off the beaten track, visiting dinosaur footprints and flaming gas craters, and camping in the forbidding Karakum desert. Visit traditional villages, meet pilgrims and explore the remains of old Silk Road cities - Turkmenistan is still very much a mystery, and all the more exciting for it.

We also offer tours in Turkmenistan in conjunction with Uzbekistan. For further details click here.

Turkmenistan Encompassed

Style: PioneerGroundbreaking tours to unique destinations
Duration: 15 days
Type: GroupSmall group tours with a maximum of 12 travellers

A comprehensive group trip through Central Asia's least known country. Starting from the futuristic capital Ashgabat, travel through remote deserts visiting ancient ruins, camp overnight near a flaming gas crater, and stay as guests of local communities. We explore the magnificent scenery of Yangikala, spend a night on the shores of the Caspian Sea, and of course visit the archaeological site of Merv. A true journey of discovery and diversity through a hidden land.

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