Sudan - Kingdom of the Black Pharaohs

Sudan - Kingdom of the Black Pharaohs

Style: TravellerCultural discovery away from the crowds
Duration: 10 days
Type: GroupTravel with a small group of other travellers


What do our clients think of our small group adventure holidays?

I have had a fantastic experience. From the booking until the departure flight. I was well taken care of. I  recommend the trip and this company without any reservations and this trip has set a new standard of excellence. A very enjoyable time. 

Dianne Monnet, France

The Meroe tented camp accommodation was lovely: like a safari with a fantastic view of Meroe. All the other accommodation was also of the highest standard and the festive dinner prepared for New Year's Eve was excellent. We were lucky that there was also a wedding party going at the same time and the hotel management kindly arranged for us to be allowed to participate in the party and sit close to listen to the musicians. The food was very good everywhere.

Cecilia Harlitz, Sweden

An excellent trip. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Great (interesting/historical) sites/sights, beautiful desert, few other tourists, surprisingly good accomodation and an interesting and international group of travelling companions. Definitely a destination worth visiting.

Lyndsey Bainton, UK

Everything was great - and the guide was really good, friendly etc.. altogether a great trip!

D. Dexter, UK

Pharaohs bequeathed Sudan pyramids and archeological treasures that astonished me at every turn. All this is combined with the natural warmth of the local people, some charming lodging, and a helpful, expert guide. A winning trip.

Clay Adams, USA

I really enjoyed the Sudan trip. I would certainly recommend it warmly to any prospective clients in the future. The long visa process was a little off-putting but it's worth saying that the formalities once in the Sudan were very straightforward both on arrival and departure, with a swift passage through immigration and customs in both directions. And your local agent took very good care of the various permits to travel and to take photos: there is no need to fret on those scores. This was typical of the excellent, professional and friendly service provided by your agent. The logistical organisation of the trip itself was first-rate and inspired complete confidence. We were equipped with all the necessary basics such as sand plates, as well as GPS navigation. The igloo tents were fine, easy to erect and dismantle, and the provision of sleeping mats was certainly helpful. The food was good throughout and there was always bottled water available. Ali was an outstanding driver, patient and seemingly inexhaustable, and our guide Musab, who took over later in the trip was also very good. Both had relaxed, easy temperaments, important, I think, on a long and fairly tiring trip. I would advise anyone who has the time and budget to do the longer, "hard" tour, rather than just the ten-day Black Pharaoh tour. The northern section added some wonderful desert landscape and camping sites, especially in the Bayuda, as well as some priceless sites, such as the temple at Soleb which was, for me, probably the highlight of the trip. This was not least because we were the only people there. A definite attraction of the Sudan at the moment is that it gets so few visitors.

I thought the itinerary was well-balanced, taking-in all the major archaeological sites of the north, as well as some pure desert driving, in a steady, methodical way which was pleasingly tiring - but not exhausting or stressful. There were one or two unexpected bonuses: there is currently a gold-rush going on in the Nubian desert, north east of Station 6: we were able to witness the diggings and even to see an example of the still-unrefined gold which the prospectors extracted, though the asking-price was too high to make a purchase! Perhaps inevitably, the strongest human experience was the genuine warmth and hospitality to strangers shown by the Nubian people. I know that this is a bit of a traveller’s cliché, but I really felt that this was an outstanding aspect of the trip: we had many brief but charming encounters that have left me with a very strong sense of solidarity with the people we met.

So, a great experience. Thank you for your part in making it possible.

Michael Raw, UK

Very good tour, well organised. Staff, accommodation, drivers all excellent.

David McLoughlin, UK

I just wanted to let you know that the tour was way beyond my expectations - in passing, Carla is a real gem! - and to thank you for making special arrangements to accomodate my travel dates. I can hardly wait for my next annual holidays.

Grant Walter, Australia

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