Tailor Made Adventure Holidays and Group Tours in Romania

Romania has emerged from behind the Iron Curtain to become one of the most exciting countries in Europe, and increasingly travellers are waking up to its long hidden charms. Undiscovered Destinations offers group tours and tailor made holidays throughout this charming country, taking in its atmospheric medieval cities as well as its charming countryside. Explore old citadels packed with Gothic architecture, and go bear watching in the Carpathian Mountains. Experience traditional Romanian hospitality, staying in guesthouses and family homes in rural villages where timeless traditions are still practised, and uncover the secrets of the Danube Delta, one of Europe’s best areas for wildlife. With impressive monasteries and picturesque wooden churches, Romania is bursting at the seams with sights to tempt curious travellers and is one of the most enchanting countries on the continent.

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Romania - The Land that Time Forgot

Style: TravellerCultural discovery away from the crowds
Duration: 14 days
Type: GroupTravel with a small group of other travellers

Explore medieval Europe with our group as we journey through the fortified cities of Transylvania and the delightful rural villages of Viscri and Sibiel. Visit the painted monasteries of Bucovina and search for the amazing wildlife of the Danube Delta. Staying as guests of small communities in village guesthouses and local homes we gain a fascinating insight into one of Europe’s most interesting countries.

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