Tailor Made Adventure Holidays and Group Tours in Iraq

Iraq is certainly not your average holiday destination, and lives in most people’s minds through the images shown in the media. However the northern region of Kurdistan, to all intents and purposes a separate country from the troubled south, ranks as one of the most intriguing places in the Middle East. Our group tours and tailor made holidays to Iraq concentrate on Kurdistan, a land that must be one of the most ancient on our planet and with a history as wide and varied as it is long. Explore cities that date back to the dawn of human civilization, ancient monasteries and bustling bazaars that belie the difficulties of the past. Kurdistan is now experiencing a real renaissance but it not yet on the tourist trail – there is no better time to visit.

Highlights of Kurdistan

Style: PioneerGroundbreaking tours to unique destinations
Duration: 8 days
Type: GroupTravel with a small group of other travellers

This is an introduction to the 'other Iraq' - the northern region of Kurdistan. On our small group tour you will discover a world of picturesque villages, ancient cities and welcoming people, imbued with a strong sense of history and unique culture which has defied all attempts to eradicate it.

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