Eritrea Discovery

Eritrea Discovery

Style: TravellerCultural discovery away from the crowds
Duration: 10 days
Type: GroupTravel with a small group of other travellers


What do our clients think of our small group adventure holidays?

Eritrea is a hidden travel gem - I encourage you to go NOW! A fascinating mix of cultures, Asmara as a capital city is unique in Africa. Thomas, our local guide, was one of the best I have encountered, and the Eritrean people were among the nicest I have ever met - and I have been to more than 110 countries!

Mr John Tumminia, USA

This was a mellow, relaxed trip where you soak up breathtaking vistas, landmark modernist architecture, and three quite varied regional ambiances, interspersed everywhere with the Italian legacy of the best cappuccino in Africa.

Clay Adams, USA

Robel, our guide, was outstanding. The driver was also very much above average.

Dave Greenwell USA

The arrangements for Eritrea were exemplary in every respect.The "boutique" Albergo Italia is clearly the poshest hotel in Asmara; beautifully restored and full of marble and stucco and antiques.

Roger Gash, UK

We both thoroughly enjoyed our trip to Eritrea. Our driver John was very diligent and was at pains to ensure our safety and comfort.

Judith and Thomas Ledger, UK

Fully met my wishes. The guide, Tekle was excellent.

Mike Breward, UK

The Eritrean people were a particular highlight of our visit – eager to help, courteous and showing a sense of civic responsibility I’ve rarely encountered elsewhere.

Kevin Pardoe, UK

Very satisfied with the trip! I received superb attention and service. The local team were professional and knowledgeable and made the trip very enjoyable.

Brian Henshaw, UK

It was a good holiday and in many ways the most relaxing I have been on for some time. Asmara did come up to expectations, highlights: railway trip, Fiat building, camel market, wonderful coffee... Eritrea felt safe and friendly for travellers.

Nicholas Tyldesley, UK

An excellent trip which I enjoyed very much. Thomas was also an excellent guide.

Robin Mayes, UK

The trip to Eritrea was wonderful. It is truly an 'undiscovered destination', as there is virtually no tourism and foreigners are welcomed. The tour was very well organised and covered the highlights of the country. The local guide was very nice and knowledgeable. I couldn't have asked for a better experience.

Anahid Nazarian, USA

The trip was one of the best I have ever done and this was mainly due to your local team. It is a very interesting country and there was a nice variety of things - beaches, mountains, cities. A very well executed trip.

Marrie den Breems, Netherlands