Adventure Holidays and Group Tours in Comoros

The little known Indian Ocean islands of the Comoros are well off the tourist trail – and that’s what makes them so special. Our private tours explore all three islands – Grande Comore, Moheli and Anjouan to give you a real insight into one of the world’s least known nations. Wander through the old quarter of the capital, Moroni, with its narrow lanes and exquisitely carved wooden doors, and meet a people who rarely come into contact with tourists. Relax on beautiful beaches, explore small villages or search for marine wildlife such as turtles, whales and dolphins. Or, if you fancy something a little more energetic, climb the imposing volcano of Mt Karthala for a spectacular sunrise over this island paradise. And best of all, you’re likely to have it all to yourself.

Comoros Discovery

Style: TravellerCultural discovery away from the crowds
Duration: 11 days
Type: PrivateExclusive departures for you, your friends and family

Be the centre of attention in the Comoros, a delightful set of tropical islands which define the very essence of off the beaten track – with very few other tourists. Flying between the three islands of Grande Comore, Anjouan and Moheli you visit local villages, explore the capital, relax on gorgeous beaches and for the energetic, climb the volcano of Mt Karthala.

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