Small Group Tours in Argentina

Argentina is a country full of extremes. From frenetic urban centres to idyllic countryside and national parks, brimming with wildlife and breathtaking glaciers and waterfalls. The country can be hot in one region and at the same time freezing in another. However, one common link between the different regions is the local people. They all posses a passion for life and make any visitor quickly feel at ease. On this tour we explore the Puna of north-west Argentina, a high-altitude plain of ancient inland oceans, pink flamingoes and stunning mountain vistas. For all its beauty, the Puna is unknown to most travellers, except the occasional shepherd or Andean recluse.

Argentina and Chile - Puna & Atacama Experience

Style: PioneerGroundbreaking tours to unique destinations
Duration: 13 days
Type: GroupSmall group tours with a maximum of 12 travellers

Travel with our small group to discover the northwest of Argentina and Chile and to the little explored Puna desert region. Rainbow coloured mountains, towering candelabra cacti, picturesque villages, age-old traditions and indigenous cultures are waiting to be discovered.

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