If you want to understand a place then understanding the history of the country is vital. Undiscovered Destinations historical holidays focus not just on the history of the country that you are in, but aim to put that history in to context and bring it to life.

Seeing a countries sites and culture first-hand, talking to experienced guides and local people and really getting a feel for what it was like to live in this area in the past are all elements that come together in a good historical holiday.

Undiscovered Destinations historical holidays mean exploring ancient silk road cities, walking amongst the ruins of empires that crumbled millennium ago and talking to the ancestors of the kings of west Africa.

You can learn about the world’s first black republic in Haiti as you explore the magnificent La Citadelle La Ferriere and the Palace of Sans Souci. Closer to home, while on our tour of Romania, you can visit the Moldovita Monastery, a masterpiece of Gothic architecture adorned with exterior frescoes dating back to the beginning of the 16th century. For those with an interest in the Silk Road, our historical holidays and tours can take you from Urumqi and Kashgar in the far east, via Tashkent, Samarkand and Isfahan to Tyre and the Mediterranean.

Browse our wide selection of historical tours and get in touch with us to chat to our highly experienced travel consultants for further information or to book your place.

Our Historical Holidays.

Ancient Armenia – Small Group Tour

Ukraine – Echoes of the Cold War | Private Tour

Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia, and Bosnia – Balkan Explorer Tour

Sudan – Kingdom of the Black Pharaohs Small Group Tour

Senegal, Gambia and Guinea Bissau Explorer – Small Group Tour

Oman in Depth – Tailormade Holiday

Poland Encompassed – Small Group Tour

Classic Georgia – Tailormade Tour

Cambodia – To the Temples and Beyond – Small Group Tour

Kenya – Lake Turkana Festival Small Group Tour

Savour Sri Lanka Food Tour – Tailormade

Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan & Tajikistan – Heart of the Silk Road

Azerbaijan, Georgia and Armenia – Caucasus Discovery Small Group Tour

Spirits of West Africa – Group tour

Iraq – Kurdistan Small Group Tour

Sri Lanka Tour – Beyond the Tourist Trail

Algeria – Desert and History – Small Group Tour

Moldova Food and Wine Tour – Tailormade

Sri Lanka Family Adventure – Tailormade Tour

Turkmenistan Encompassed – Small Group Tour

Romania – Tailormade Tour (Private) – The Land of Contrasts

Belarus – Forgotten Europe – Small Group Tour

Iraq – The Land Between the Rivers – Small Group Tour

Hiking in Georgia – Tailormade Tour

Romania – The Land that Time Forgot – Small Group Tour

Pakistan Tour – Into the Mighty North

Oman Small Group Tour – From the Desert to the Coast

Moldova Discovery – Small Group Tour

Himalayan Odyssey – Tailormade Tour

Short Break in Armenia – Tailormade Tour

Saudi Arabia Discovery – Small Group Tour

Estonia Latvia Lithuania – Baltic Tailormade Tour

Albania, Kosovo and Macedonia – Hidden Europe – Small Group Tour

Short Break in Algeria – Tailormade Tour

Georgia and Armenia Encompassed Small Group Tour

Vineyards and Valleys of Lebanon – Small Group Tour

A Taste of Sri Lanka Holiday – Tailormade

The Peaks and Valleys of Georgia – Tailormade Tour

Short Break in Lebanon – Tailormade Tour

Sierra Leone – Forts, Chimps and Beaches Small Group Tour

East Timor Discovery – Small Group Tour

Senegal – Coast and Delta Explorer

Short Break in Georgia – Tailormade Tour

Short Break in Jordan – Tailormade Tour

Oman Explorer – Self Drive Tailormade Tour

Short Break in Oman – Tailormade Tour

Tailormade Lebanon Tour – Food and History

Jordan Tour – Desert and History

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A very enjoyable time.Our guide took a lot of trouble to ensure we had an authentic experience, introducing us to a local musician & instrument maker & even his own family. He was prepared to “go off piste” to ensure we saw things outside the box and the “real” Iran.


Isabelle Dobson, UK

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Why Historical Holidays?

When you begin to look at all the man-made historical sites in the world and consider the great civilisations that created them, it is no wonder why historical holidays and tours are so popular. From the Great Pyramid at Giza, to Stonehenge and The Colosseum, these are historical sites around the world that instantly conjure up images and feelings in the way that only travel can do. Our historical holidays aim to create a sense of wonder at what we are all capable of achieving.

Everyone has their own reasons for travelling. A desire to explore and learn is a natural human desire and travelling fulfils both of these basic needs. By taking a holiday that also focuses on the history and historical aspects of the region you are in, your understanding of the people and their culture is greatly enhanced.

At Undiscovered Destinations, our historical holidays and tours listed on this page can all by booked by calling our well travelled and highly experienced team.

It is the ground work carried out by our team that means you get such an insight to the places we travel to. No tour or holiday is the same and we aim to show you the best of the region as well as take you a bit off the beaten track. This may well be necessary to find that elusive temple you read about or to spend time with the decedents of a great tribe.

If you are interested in the Silk Road, then our range of Silk Road tours mean that you can travel along this fabled trading route from the far east to the Mediterranean coast . Each tour is between two to three weeks and includes tours of Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and Tajikistan, China’s far western corner and the middle eastern countries of Iran, Iraq, Lebanon and Oman.

For those interested in more recent historical holidays and tours, the ‘Echoes of the Cold War’ tour of Ukraine visits some of the pasts most secretive sites. Explore Chornobyl, and visit the Chornobyl Exclusion Zone. On this tour you will also visit Pervomaisk  and the Museum of Strategic Missile Forces. A reminder of the Cold War that nearly spelt the end of humanity.

These historical tours offer the intrepid traveller a safe and easy way to explore the past, while being educated and entertained.

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