Guaranteed Tour Departures

Guaranteed Small Group Tours and Holidays

Please note that during the COVID-19 pandemic this list may not be accurate. Please contact us to discuss which destinations are possible to visit. This is an ever changing situation but we can provide up to date specific advice by contacting us by email or telephone. Thank you.

Below is a list of all the upcoming small group tours and guaranteed small  group tour departures that Undiscovered Destinations have available.

When we say that a tour is guaranteed, this means that we have the minimum numbers required to operate the tour. Alternatively, we may have taken a commercial decision to operate the tour without having reached the required number. This will have been based on previous tours reaching the guaranteed tour status.

You  can use the filters on the table below to search by start date, the region and the status of the holiday you are interested in. You can also use the search box above the tour headings to search for a particular phrase or place.

To book a place on any of our small group tours and holidays, either follow the link to the tour or contact us.

ContinentCountryTour NameStart DateTour Status
AfricaSomalilandSomaliland Uncovered2021-03-06Guaranteed
AfricaSudanSudan – Kingdom of the Black Pharaohs Small Group Tour2021-03-12Guaranteed
AfricaAlgeriaAlgeria – The Desert and History – Small Group Tour2021-03-13Guaranteed
AfricaSudanSudan – Kingdom of the Black Pharaohs Small Group Tour2021-04-02Guaranteed
AsiaUzbekistan, Turkmenistan & TajikistanUzbekistan, Turkmenistan & Tajikistan – Heart of the Silk Road2021-04-18Guaranteed
Latin AmericaArgentina and ChileArgentina and Chile – Puna and Atacama Tour2021-05-04Guaranteed
Latin AmericaPeruPeru – Beyond the Tourist Trail – Small Group Tour2021-05-09Guaranteed
EuropeBelarusBelarus – Forgotten Europe – Small Group Tour2021-05-14Guaranteed
Latin AmericaBoliviaBolivia – High Andes Small Group Tour2021-05-16Guaranteed
EuropeBulgariaEssence of Bulgaria – Small Group Tour2021-05-18Guaranteed
EuropeAlbania, Kosovo & MacedoniaHidden Europe2021-06-03Guaranteed
EuropeAzerbaijanLand of Fire2021-06-03Guaranteed
EuropeItalyCalabria Italys Secret Southern Gem Small Group Tour2021-06-04Available
EuropeGeorgia & ArmeniaCaucasus Discovery2021-06-10Guaranteed
AfricaKenyaLake Turkana Festival2021-06-10Available
EuropeAlbaniaAlbania Explorer2021-06-18Available
EuropeEstonia, Latvia & LithuaniaBaltic States Tour2021-06-18Available
PacificPacific islandsPacific Islands – Pacific Explorer2021-06-24Guaranteed
AsiaMongoliaMongolia – Naadam Festival – Small Group Tour2021-07-02Guaranteed
AsiaTajikistan and KyrgyzstanAlong the Pamir Highway – Small Group Tour2021-07-03Guaranteed
AsiaRussiaRussia – Kamchatka Discovery – Small Group Tour2021-07-27Guaranteed
AfricaGhana, Togo and BeninSpirits of West Africa – Group tour2021-07-29Guaranteed
AfricaCongoCongo River Expedition – Small Group Tour2021-08-06Guaranteed
AfricaGhana, Togo and BeninSpirits of West Africa – Group tour2021-08-11Guaranteed
Latin AmericaGuyanaPristine Guyana – Small Group Tour2021-08-14Guaranteed
EuropeAzerbaijanLand of Fire2021-08-19Guaranteed
EuropeEstonia, Latvia & LithuaniaBaltic States Tour2021-08-20Guaranteed
EuropeAlbania, Kosovo & MacedoniaHidden Europe2021-08-26Guaranteed
EuropeAzerbaijanLand of Fire2021-09-03Guaranteed
AsiaUzbekistanUzbekistan Embraced – Small Group Tour2021-09-05Guaranteed
EuropeRomaniaThe Land that Time Forgot2021-09-05Guaranteed
EuropeAlbania, Kosovo & MacedoniaHidden Europe2021-09-10Guaranteed
EuropeGeorgia & ArmeniaCaucasus Discovery2021-09-10Guaranteed
EuropeItalyCalabria Italys Secret Southern Gem Small Group Tour2021-09-10Available
AsiaIndonesiaIndonesia – Sulawesi Small Group Tour2021-09-10Guaranteed
Latin AmericaGuyanaPristine Guyana – Small Group Tour2021-09-11Guaranteed
AsiaUzbekistan, Turkmenistan & TajikistanHeart of the Silk Road2021-09-12Guaranteed
Europe ItalySardinia Small Group Tour2021-09-16Available
EuropeAlbaniaAlbania Explorer2021-09-17Guaranteed
AfricaMadagascarSecrets of Madagascar2021-09-17Guaranteed
AfricaMalawi and ZambiaBest of Malawi and Zambia – Small Group Tour2021-09-19Guaranteed
Middle EastLebanonVineyards and Valleys of Lebanon2021-09-19Guaranteed
AfricaMadagascarNorthern Explorer – Madagascar Small Group Tour2021-09-20Guaranteed
EuropeAzerbaijanLand of Fire2021-09-23Guaranteed
EuropeItalyItaly Abruzzo and Molise Small Group Tour2021-09-24Available
EuropeGeorgiaGeorgia – The Cradle of Wine Making – Small Group Tour2021-10-05Guaranteed
EuropeAlbania, Kosovo & MacedoniaHidden Europe2021-10-07Guaranteed
Europe ItalySardinia Small Group Tour2021-10-07Available
EuropeItalyCalabria Italys Secret Southern Gem Small Group Tour2021-10-08Available
AsiaBangladeshBangladesh Discovery – Small Group Tour2021-10-09Guaranteed
AfricaMadagascarSecrets of Madagascar2021-10-10Guaranteed
AfricaSudanSudan – Kingdom of the Black Pharaohs Small Group Tour2021-10-14Guaranteed
EuropeAlbaniaAlbania Explorer2021-10-14Available
EuropeItalyItaly Abruzzo and Molise Small Group Tour2021-10-15Available
AfricaMalawi and ZambiaBest of Malawi and Zambia – Small Group Tour2021-10-17Guaranteed
Latin AmericaBrazilBrazil – Pantanal Explorer – Small Group Tour2021-10-23Guaranteed
AsiaBhutanBhutan Festival – Small Group Tour2021-11-03Guaranteed
AfricaIvory CoastIvory Coast Revealed – Small Group Tour2021-11-03Guaranteed
Europe ItalySardinia Small Group Tour2021-11-04Available
AfricaSomalilandSomaliland Uncovered2021-11-13Guaranteed
Middle EastOmanFrom the Desert to the Coast2021-11-16Guaranteed
AfricaSudanSudan – Kingdom of the Black Pharaohs Small Group Tour2021-11-26Guaranteed
AfricaKenyaJade Sea Explorer2021-12-02Guaranteed
AsiaBangladeshBangladesh Discovery – Small Group Tour2021-12-21Guaranteed
AfricaGhana, Togo and BeninSpirits of West Africa – Group tour2021-12-27Guaranteed
AfricaGhana, Togo and BeninGhana, Togo and Benin – Voodoo Festival2022-01-08Guaranteed
AfricaEthiopiaTimkat Festival2022-01-13Guaranteed
AsiaNepalHighlights of Nepal – Small Group Tour2022-02-05Guaranteed
Latin AmericaGuyana, Suriname and French GuianaGuyana, Suriname and French Guiana Tour – Small Group Tour2022-02-17Guaranteed
AfricaSudanSudan – Kingdom of the Black Pharaohs Small Group Tour2022-02-18Guaranteed
AfricaKenyaKenya – Jade Sea Explorer – Small Group Tour2022-03-06Guaranteed
AsiaBhutanBhutan Festival – Small Group Tour2022-03-10Guaranteed
EuropeAlbaniaAlbania Explorer2022-03-18Available
AfricaIvory CoastIvory Coast Revealed – Small Group Tour2022-03-23Guaranteed
AfricaSenegal, Gambia and Guinea BissauSenegal, Gambia and Guinea Bissau Explorer – Small Group Tour2022-04-08Guaranteed
EuropeAlbaniaAlbania Explorer2022-04-21Available
EuropeAlbania, Kosovo & MacedoniaHidden Europe2022-05-05Guaranteed
AfricaMadagascarSecrets of Madagascar2022-05-13Guaranteed
EuropeAlbaniaAlbania Explorer2022-05-19Available
EuropeAlbaniaAlbania Explorer2022-06-17Available
EuropeAlbaniaAlbania Explorer2022-09-16Available
PacificPacific islandsPacific Islands – Pacific Explorer2022-06-23Guaranteed
AfricaMadagascarEssence of Madagascar | Budget Madagascar Tour2022-09-04Guaranteed
AfricaMadagascarNorthern Explorer – Madagascar Small Group Tour2022-09-19Guaranteed
AsiaIraqIraq – Kurdistan Small Group Tour2022-09-28Guaranteed
AfricaMadagascarWild Madagascar Small Group Tour2022-10-06Guaranteed
AsiaBangladeshBangladesh Discovery – Small Group Tour2022-10-08Guaranteed
EuropeAlbaniaAlbania Explorer2022-10-13Available

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