Ghana in Depth Tour

Ghana in Depth Tour – a 15 day Small Group Tour.

If you’ve ever met or travelled with Ghanaians, you’ll already want to visit their country.

Proud, optimistic, energetic and charismatic, these attributes seem prerequisites of the Ghanaian character. Remarkable, considering hardships endured by many.

This tour explores diverse aspects of Ghana, from its rich foundation of wealthy royal lineages even more complex than those of Europe, through a turbulent colonial period, to independence and today’s state. Ghana’s appeal is electric. What are you waiting for?



On this small group tour of Ghana we explore the country in depth. From your arrival in Accra, one of the first places that we visit is The National Museum. This houses one of West Africa’s best ethnographic, historical and art collections and it gives a great introduction to Ghana and the surrounding areas.

When we leave the capital, we discover the real Ghana by getting out and walking amongst the people and tribes, travellling on foot through the villages and temples to immerse ourselves in the history and culture of this proud nation.

We will meet many different tribal groups on our travels. There are the Dagomba people, who build round clay huts with a thatched roof. You will see that the house of the village chief is easily recognisable thanks to its larger size and style. It’s here that the council of the elders meet.

When in Tamale, the capital of the Northern region of Ghana, we will meet the Mole-Dagomba linguistic group, a very friendly people. The city itself offers an architectural blend of modern buildings and traditional areas. In its centre one can visit traditional palaces of the Gulkpe Naa and of the Dapkema for a glimpse of pure old-fashioned architecture.

Our tour will end with a visit to Kumasi and if we are lucky we may get to witness one of the special festivals that take place throughout the year.

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Relaxed Pace

Relaxed tours are easy paced with plenty of leisure time built in. The tour will in all probability still be off the beaten track, with the occasional early start and there may still be occasional long drives. In general on a relaxed pace tour you can enjoy easy-going activities and experiences with opportunities to absorb the sights and immerse yourself in the local surroundings.

Moderate Pace

Moderate pace tours are ideal if you want a tour experience that combines activities and experiences with some time to relax. Typically you will be active and busy for part of the day but then also have time to rest and recharge your batteries. In general on a moderate paced tour there may be some long journeys involved but the tour is not an expedition or a road trip. On a moderate paced tour it will be necessary to have some early starts.

Busy Pace

A busy paced tour means that you can expect to be doing, seeing or experiencing something new almost every day, and moving on from place to place to pack in as much as possible. There may be early starts, long journeys and tiring days along the way, but you’ll return home feeling you’ve really experienced as much as you possibly could.

Pioneer Class Tours

On our Pioneer tours, you will be amongst an elite group of intrepid travellers and some of the first to explore a country that few have been privileged enough to discover. Of course, exploring such areas of the world will come with its challenges; it may mean several nights camping, long journeys by 4WD and the need to maintain a degree of flexibility for when carefully laid plans change. These are challenging tours in countries and areas that may have poor infrastructure, high levels of poverty and illiteracy. This can translate in to low standards in hotels, bad roads and poor driving standards among other issues. We try and smooth out as much of these issues as we can but you should be prepared to experience the bad with the good.

Traveller Class Tours

Our Traveller itineraries are at the core of our programme. These journeys are designed for travellers who still want to discover a land away from the tourist crowds but expect minimum standards. Accommodation will be primarily hotel based, although you could still find yourself camping, or the guest of a local family. Depending on the destination and itinerary, you’ll likely be travelling in a private vehicle, with occasional use of public transport. This is adventure travel with some of the rough edges smoothed out.


Arrive in Accra and transfer to your hotel. Depending on your time of arrival, there may be time to explore this vibrant African capital. Overnight Afia Beach Hotel or similar.

(90 km – approx. 2 hr driving)

Walking today is approximately 2 hours; altitude: from 120 m to 189 m; level of difficulty: easy.

Today we travel to the eastern side of the country and the Shai Reserve. A comparatively small, 52-square-kilometre fenced wildlife park, Shai comprises savannah covered plains interspersed by forested hills, and intervening canyons filled by thicket, grassland and low, dry forest. We will walk accompanied by a guide well-versed on flora and fauna, and the history of the Shai tribes. Later, we drive to Odumase, an area of Krobo famous for its beads, and we visit a factory specialising in their production. Overnight Hotel Aylo’s Bay or similar. (BLD)

(200km, approx. 4 hr driving)

Walking today is approximately 2 hours; altitude: flat; level of difficulty: easy.

At a remote hidden village, we join a Voodoo ceremony. Frenetic drumming combines with the chants of priests calling upon spirits to take possession of the dancers. Some fall into a deep trance, their eyes rolling back, faces grimacing, their bodies wracked by convulsions. It’s a fascinating, if unsettling experience. Later, we continue to Volta Lake and take a walk around the shore. Overnight Hotel Aylo’s Bay or similar. (BLD)

(150 km – approx. 4 hr driving) 

Walking today: approximately 2 hours; a;titude: flat; level of difficulty: easy.

Today we drive to the Volta Region, taking a guided walk in primary forest, on the lookout for interesting wildlife. Our route continues across a luxuriant forest region, offering views of mountains and waterfalls. On the slopes of Mt. Afadjato we visit Amedjope, Ghana’s highest village. Overnight at Mountain Vista Lodge or similar. (BLD)

(50 km – approx. 1 hr driving)

Walking today: approximately 2 hours; altitude: from 248 m to 885 m; level of difficulty: moderate.

Today we climb Mt Afadjato, 885m, the highest mountain in Ghana and part of the Agumatsa Range that runs along the Ghana-Togo border. From summit we enjoy magnificent views of the surrounding communities, forests, mountains, deep valleys, and in the distance, Lake Volta. The path is quite steep but the rewards are great. During the hike we stop at Tagbo Waterfall which flows from an almost circular cliff into a refreshing plunge pool. The forefathers of the current villagers considered the river sacred and even today taboos endure. No fishing is allowed in the pool since the spirit of the people is thought inhabit it, and no washing in the stream on Fridays as the spirit of the river and his children bathe on this day. Overnight Wli Water Heights or similar. (BLD)

Walking today: approximately 4 hours; altitude: from 254 m to 798 m; level of difficulty: moderate.

Today we walk through forest to the 80m Wli Waterfalls, the highest in West Africa. Along the way we hope to see just some of the 200 bird species and 400 species of butterflies identified in the region. Overnight Wli Water Heights or similar. (BLD)

(320 km – approx. 6 hr driving)

Driving northwards, we leave the forest behind and enter savannah. We traverse a seldom visited region, home to the Dagomba people. Overnight Kamil Legacy Hotel or similar. (BLD)

(290 km – approx. 5 hr driving)

Taking a rough track that leads to Tamale, along the way we stop at a large settlement of ‘witches’. These unfortunate women have been exiled from their villages having been found guilty of causing terrible events such as death, disease or a bad harvest. There’s time to talk to the ‘witches’, learn about their lives, and the special shrine which protects them, cleansing their spirit of ill will. Their warm welcome contrasts with the gravity of events leading to their banishment. Later, we travel to Tamale. Overnight Mole Motel or similar. (BLD)

Walking today: 2 walking safaris of approximately 2 hours each; altitude: from 150 m to 258 m; level of difficulty: easy.

Today we enjoy two guided walking safaris, early in the morning and late in the afternoon when animals are more active. Overnight Mole Motel or similar (BLD)

(300 km – approx. 6 hr driving)

Walking today: approximately 1 hour; altitude: flat at approximately 366m level of difficulty: easy.

Travelling south, we visit Kintampo Waterfalls and admire the waters of the Pumpu River as they tumble from 70m down natural, rocky steps before flowing onwards to join the Black Volta River. Continue to the Brong Afo region, we leave the main road and follow a track to a sacred forest. Local villagers consider monas and colobus monkeys as their totems. As result, during walks in the deep forest we encounter some of the world’s largest troops of these sacred primates. Overnight Encom Hotel or similar. (BLD)

(130 km – approx. 3 hr driving)

Today we travel to Kumasi, capital of the Ashanti region. If the opportunity arises, we participate in a traditional Ashanti funeral attended by mourners wearing beautiful red and black togas. In practice this is a celebration, the ceremony marking the deceased’s transition to becoming an ancestor. Relatives and friends gather, socialise and celebrate his/her memory. Part way, the chief arrives under the shade of large umbrella and surrounded by his court. Drummers provide rhythms for dancers whose intricate moves are highly symbolic. Overnight Royal Lamerta Hotel or similar. (BLD)

This morning we continue our tour of Kumasi by visiting the Royal Palace Museum, home to a unique collection of gold and jewels worn by the Ashanti court. Later, we visit the Ashanti Cultural Centre, housing a rich collection of Ashanti artefacts displayed in a reproduction of an Ashanti house. Overnight Royal Lamerta Hotel or similar. (BLD)

(260 km – approx. 5 hr driving)

Walking today: approximately 1 hour; altitude: from 135 m to 256 m; level of difficulty: easy.

Today we head to Kakum National Park for a fascinating immersion in the forest. After a guided walk in the park we take an early dinner and then return to our accommodation – a tree house. Here, we spend the night accompanied by the sounds of the forest. The treehouse is open to the forest. Mattresses are provided on the floor, and there are shared facilities. It may be basic, but this is a unique experience. (BLD)

(110 km – approx. 2 hr driving)

Walking today: Morning – approximately 1 hour; altitude: from 135 m to 277 m; level of difficulty: easy

Afternoon – approximately 2 hours; altitude: flat; level of difficulty: easy.

This morning, deep in the forest, we visit a remarkable canopy walk, one of the world’s highest suspended rope bridges. From a height of 37m, enjoy stunning views of the rainforest and its wildlife. Later, we travel to Elmina and visit the UNESCO site of St Georges Castle, built in 1482 by the Portuguese and serving as a transhipment point in the West African slave trade. Exploring the town, we’ll see the large and colourful Posuban shrines of the ‘asafo’ warriors once responsible for local security. The Old Town’s alleys maintain a very lively atmosphere, harking back to when Elmina was a busy colonial town. We continue to Anomabu where we overnight. Overnight Anomabu Beach Resort or similar. (BLD)

(150 km – approx. 3 hr driving)

Morning – approximately 1 hour; altitude: flat; level of difficulty: easy.

Afternoon – approximately 2 hours; altitude: flat; level of difficulty: easy.

Today we travel to Accra, arriving in time to visit the National Museum, one of the first civic works of an independent Ghana. The goal of the museum was to relate Ghanaian art to the continent and to prove the existence of an African history as part of the general history of humanity. Afterwards there’s time to wander among the streets of Jamestown, an historic old quarter of Accra known as a centre for the Ga ethnic group. Later, day use hotel rooms are available to freshen up until 6pm, prior to airport transfers for onward flights. (B)

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Please note that if you have arranged extra pre and/or post tour accommodation, either through Undiscovered Destinations or directly with the hotel or an agent, airport transfers are not included in the price of your tour. Please contact us if you would like Undiscovered Destinations to arrange private airport transfers at an additional cost.

Please note that on this tour the maximum group size is 16.

You are likely to be joined by travellers from companies other than Undiscovered Destinations, with a mix of nationalities.

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An interesting trip. The wonderful people of West Africa were the highlight. Very helpful and knowledgeable guide.


Michael Brander, UK