Our tour summaries

The following is a list of our destinations showing the key attractions and highlights of our small group tours and tailor made holidays. We've also listed the searches (and links) performed by our users to find them.

This neglected corner of the Balkans is home to breathtaking old towns, seemingly frozen in time, where Ottoman architecture jostles for space with ancient Roman ruins and picturesque old churches.

Popular searches include: Cultural group tours in Albania, Ottoman architecture

Travel to the heart of the Sahara desert’s most beautiful region, with incredible desert scenery of dunes, mountains and rock formations.

Popular searches include: Camping tours in the Sahara, Desert Safari

Armenia & Georgia
Venture into some of Europe’s most remote and intriguing villages in the mystical region of Svaneti, a fiercely traditional land with incredible architecture, hidden away in the high mountains of the Caucasus.

Popular searches include: Cultural group tours in Armenia, Trekking holidays in Georgia, Group tours in Armenia

Starting in Dhaka explore this vibrant city before travelling on the delightful ‘Rocket’ paddle steamer to the mangrove forests of the Sundarbans, home to tigers and other wildlife.

Popular searches include: River journeys in Asia, Wildlife group holidays in Asia

Belarus is the last bastion of Communism in Europe and an intriguing country to explore.

Popular searches include: Tailor made holidays in Belarus, Rural holidays in Belarus

Benin & Togo
Witness voodoo ceremonies that will take your breath away and wander through the delightful old colonial towns of Porto Novo and Ouidah.

Popular searches include: Wildlife holidays in West Africa, Group tours in West Africa

Discover the charms of one of Europe’s most beautiful corners, with stunning national parks, a fascinating mix of cultures and enchanting old towns dripping with centuries of history.

Popular searches include: Walking holidays in Bosnia, National Parks of the Balkans

Burkina Faso
A trip through the incredible diversity of this charming country.

Popular searches include: Tours in West Africa, Village stays in for groups in Africa

Burma (Myanmar)
Explore old monasteries and visit local villages on Inle Lake, and delve into the country’s past at the royal city of Mandalay. Myanmar offers an adventure that is very difficult to find in other South East Asian countries.

Popular searches include: River journeys in Asia, Group tours to Myanmar

Cameroon can be a culture shock - its villages have changed little over time while its cities encapsulate modern Africa at its most vibrant.

Popular searches include: Mandara Mountains, Wildlife holidays in West Africa

Visit the far west of China to witness diverse cultures, camp in awe-inspiring deserts, explore forgotten cities and learn about its fascinating history.

Popular searches include: Silk Road group tours, Buddhist Cities of Central Asia

Be one of the first to travel to the most exciting country in Latin America.

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Be the centre of attention in the Comoros, a delightful set of tropical islands which define the very essence of off the beaten track – with very few other tourists.

Popular searches include: Beach holidays in Comoros, Climbing Mt Karthala

The Congo is the heart of Africa, an enormous country with immense potential for exploration and adventure on a scale rarely seen.

Popular searches include: Congo River Trips and group tours, Expeditions for small groups in Africa

East Timor
Delve into the turbulent history of Asia’s newest nation. From the colonial heritage of Dili head into the highlands to hike up East Timor’s highest peak with spectacular views of the island.

Popular searches include: Tours to East Timor, Vacations in East Timor

Travel through Africa’s newest nation on a surprising journey.

Popular searches include: Art Deco architecture, Rail journeys in Africa

The only country in Africa never to have been colonised, Ethiopia is a forgotten giant with a cultural heritage that is unsurpassed by any other country on the continent.

Popular searches include: Trekking in the Simien Mountains, Cultural group tours in Ethiopia

Not the obvious choice for a holiday and one of the least visited countries in the Caribbean, Haiti holds a wealth of historical sites and a vibrant and unique culture that belies its small size.

Popular searches include: Cultural tours in Haiti, Voodoo group holidays

Trek through remote villages where little has changed for centuries, explore incredible national parks and experience vibrant local culture, the likes of which cannot be seen anywhere else in the world.

Popular searches include: Baliem Valley Trek, Group tours in Indonesia

Experience the best of this enigmatic island continent.

Popular searches include: Wildlife holidays in Madagascar, Small group tours in Madagascar

Visit vast underground wine cellars and explore dramatic cave monasteries as well as taking a trip into the breakaway republic of Transdniestr, one of Europe’s most intriguing corners.

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North Korea
Uncover the secrets of the world’s most reclusive state.

Popular searches include: Tours to North Korea, Monuments of Pyongyang

Oman is an intoxicating mix of incredible scenery and fascinating culture. On this short trip we take in the very best of the country, visiting the towns of Muscat and Nizwa, packed full of history before heading further inland.

Popular searches include: Desert safaris, Tailor made holidays in Oman


Romania has emerged from behind the Iron Curtain to become one of the most exciting countries in Europe, and increasingly travellers are waking up to its long hidden charms.

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Covering approximately one twelfth of the world’s land, Siberia is home to fascinating ethnic groups, amazing wildlife, and an overarching sense of the raw power of nature.

Popular searches include: Trekking in Russia, Small group adventure holidays in Russia

Sierra Leone
Search for chimps and other wildlife on Tiwai Island, delve into history at the slave fort on Bunce Island and relax in the idyllic Banana Islands on a journey of discovery through this emerging nation.

Popular searches include: Beach holidays in Sierra Leone, Tacugama Chimp Sanctuary

Once the largest country in Africa, Sudan boasts a wealth of historical and cultural attractions that would attract huge crowds of tourists anywhere else.

Popular searches include: Group tours of Sudan, Ancient monuments of Sudan

Travel to Turkey’s remote eastern provinces to uncover a land blessed with welcoming people and incredible sites, very different from the rest of the country.

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Uganda's wildlife is out of this world - discover it with Undiscovered Destinations.

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Delve into one of Europe’s least known nations. Witness the spectacular architecture of towns such as Kiev and Lviv, alive with a rich and varied history.

Popular searches include: Trekking in Carpathian Mountains, Group tours in Ukraine

This neglected corner of the world is home to some of the most incredible architecture you are ever likely to see.

Popular searches include: Tours to Central Asia, Silk Road Small Group Tours