Foreign Office advice

At Undiscovered Destinations, the safety of our passengers, staff and local operators is our major priority. With this in mind we monitor world events very closely. Undiscovered Destinations makes operational decisions based on informed advice from a number of different sources.

We have a duty to monitor the advice issued for each country by the British Foreign Office (FCO) and are aware that some of our destinations are subject to FCO warnings.

Many experienced travellers and those working in the industry take the view that the FCO tends to go on the side of caution, which is perfectly understandable given that the advice is aimed at all tourists. Rather than depend solely on this advice we prefer to also work closely with our local partners and plan our tours based on their sound experience and up-to-date firsthand knowledge.

For further information, visit the FCO website - Foreign travel advice

Undiscovered Destinations will not operate a trip if the FCO ‘Advise against all travel’ to a particular country or area within a country. We will will always be willing to arrange an alternative holiday and/or date, should a warning ever be issued, after booking, advising against all travel to areas of the country which we feature in our programmes. We also strongly recommend taking out travel insurance at the time of booking, which may offer some protection against such Government travel warnings.

We believe that adventure travel does not mean taking unnecessary risks. The safety of our clients and of our local colleagues is paramount and non-negotiable.

Below we have listed other Government travel advisories that you may wish to consider depending on your nationality.



New Zealand

United States

World Health Organisation