Undiscovered Destinations Festival Holidays take our usual small group tours and create a tour focused around a local festival. This can be based on a religious holiday, special events or even an arts festival.

Whether that is the annual voodoo festival in Benin, the Day of the Dead in Mexico or joining our group as we discover the Black Necked Crane Festival in Bhutan, our festival holidays and events take you right to the beating heart of local culture.

Browse through the festival tours below and contact us to book your place at one of these special events. These small group tours are usually very popular and places are limited so we advise putting a deposit down as soon as you can to reserve your place.

Our small group tours and city breaks often have a festival as a central focus when travelling. At Undiscovered Destinations, we believe that to really get to know a country and its people, then there is no better time to travel than during one of the local festivals. During these times of celebration, local customs will be highlighted and often the streets will be full of colourful dress and music.

Festivals Holidays and Events

Depending on which festival holiday you choose to travel on, you may be able to take part in ancient rituals or watch traditional sporting activities. The Timkat Festival in Ethiopia is a holiday celebrates Epiphany and is probably one of Africa’s best-known festivals and in Asia, there is no better time to explore India than during the Holi Festival on a day to celebrate the Radha Krishna.

Slightly less known are the Gerewol Festival in Chad and the religious holiday easter voodoo celebrations in Haiti.

Whatever your preference for a festival holiday or culture holiday, we are sure that one of Undiscovered Destinations’ small group tours below will get you in the party mood and allow you to join in with festivals and holidays on the day to celebrate a range of events.

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We had been wanting to visit the Ethiopian Timkat Festival for a number of years. Thanks to Undiscovered Destinations for making it happen and in such a well organised and enjoyable way.


Peter Boundy, UK

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Why go on Festival Holidays?

Festival holidays are becoming more and more popular and it is not surprising. Getting the chance to take part in a local festival is undoubtedly the highlight of many travellers’ trips. For many cultures, involving guests in the local celebrations is an important part of the culture and the social interactions create long lasting bonds from both sides. If you have never been on a festival  holiday before than you really don’t know what you are missing!

It is all about the experience. That is the essence of an Undiscovered Destinations small group tour. When this is combined with one of our festival holidays then that experience is multiplied numerous times.

There can be no other feeling in the world than watching as the voodoo drum beats intensify, the smoke from the fires billows and stings your eyes and then the half naked dancer starts writhing and pulsating as he enters a deep voodoo trance! Our voodoo festival tour in Benin may not be for everyone but it highlights the depth of experience that can be found on this type of tour.

The Mongolian Nadaam Festival is a great example of how Undiscovered Destinations design and run our festival group tours. Our tour does not focus on the events happening in and around the capital, Ulaan Baatar but looks at how the local people further out in the plains celebrate. The capital city has become a magnate for tourists and many of the events are staged just for the benefit of tourists. We do not believe in this style of tourism and make a conscious effort to search for authenticity.

That is why you may see that many of our festival holidays and tours are not the same year after year. We keep moving and trying to show a different side to each festival, making sure that the experience you get is the genuine one.

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