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Eritrea has been lazily described as Africa’s North Korea. It isn’t.

Though suffering a dearth of political freedoms that once seemed so precious at independence, there’s more to this proud nation state than the paranoid isolationism of its current leadership. The colonial architectural and cultural legacy embodied in Asmara is fascinating to experience, as is the jarringly different feel of Keren which these days owes more to Sudan than to Italy.

In Massawa, through its access to the Red Sea, lies the future for Eritrea. Though clothed in stifling humidity and embodied by languid decay, right now the future can seem more distant each day. While acknowledging their debt to the heroes of the War of Independence younger Eritreans are hungry for change. Rapprochement with Ethiopia leading to the official end of conflict has started the process.

Undiscovered Destinations tours in Eritrea allow the intrepid traveller to gain an insight into a proud and resilient nation with a fascinating history.

The capital Asmara is an absolute delight to explore, one of the best preserved examples of Art Deco architecture to be found anywhere, and all the more incongruous for being in Africa. Red Sea towns such as Massawa give glimpses into its Ottoman heritage, while the Dahlak Islands offer superb diving and amazing marine life.

But Eritrea’s most incredible adventure lies in the Dankalia region, one of the most inhospitable places on earth and home to proud Afar tribes eking an existence from the harsh landscape.

Eritrea is a joy to explore – be one of a select group of travellers to discover the delights of this charming nation.

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Eritrea is a hidden travel gem – I encourage you to go NOW! A fascinating mix of cultures, Asmara as a capital city is unique in Africa. Thomas, our local guide, was one of the best I have encountered, and the Eritrean people were among the nicest I have ever met – and I have been to more than 110 countries!


Mr John Tumminia, USA

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Why visit Eritrea?

For anyone wishing to visit Eritrea, then Asmara is going to be your first port of call. Asmara is renowned as one of the most pleasant cities in Africa, situated on the edge of an escarpment on the Rift Valley and Eritrean Highlands. Founded in the 12th century, it originally consisted of four villages, and by the 16th century had become a significant city. Its name derives from these original villages, being an Italianised version of the ‘four united’ villages. It gained prominence when in the 19th century, a local governor appointed by the Ethiopian ruler moved his capital there and established and important marketplace.

In 1889 Asmara was occupied by Italian forces bent on creating an African empire, and was developed with many superb examples of Art Deco architecture, many of which remain today.

Asmara in the 1930s had a sizeable Italian community, but almost nothing of it remains today. After the Italians were pushed out of the country during the Second World War, Asmara was administered by the British before Eritrea was effectively transferred to the rule of Ethiopia. Asmara today, with its elegant palm lined streets, is a great place to wander around, taking in the old Art Deco buildings as well as admiring the numerous other styles of early 20th century architecture, such as the futuristic Fiat Tagliero building.

You can also take a ride on one of the traditional horse and carts that still ply the streets. It has a great market and is dotted with small Italian style cafes where it is possible to grab a cappuccino and lazily watch the world go by. Unlike many other towns in Eritrea, it was largely undamaged during the thirty year war for independence against Ethiopia.

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