London to Uzbekistan by train? Or how about Manchester to Morocco?

Thanks to our love of rail travel and decades spent exploring the world by train, almost anything is possible.

We have put together a selection of our favourite journeys including some truly epic trans-continental adventures. For inspiration, take a look at the itineraries including detailed tour dossiers which you can download.

A welcome by-product is that it also allows us to consider our impact on the environment when we travel. Maintaining a balance between looking after the planet and supporting the 10% of the global population who depend upon tourism for an income, often in poverty stricken areas where their culture is a viable asset, demands some significant soul-searching. By choosing to travel by land, in at least one direction, we can promote the role of responsible tourism as a way forward for the future.

To compare the emissions for your next trip take a look at this easy to use emissions calculator – https://uic.org/ecopassenger.

Remember that these are just sample tours. One of the great things about travelling by train is that you can go at your own pace. You decide where you would like to break you journey, for how many nights and your hotel preference and we will do the rest.

We have included a few sightseeing excursions along the way and in some locations transfers from the station to your hotel. Otherwise it is just like independent travel and you will be taking the trains without a guide or tour leader. But of course you are supported throughout your adventure by Undiscovered Destinations and our experienced local partners.

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How nice to be offered the rail option when we rang to enquire. We had not thought about this previously and it was a very nice and relaxing way to start the holiday. The planning was excellent and the whole trip from start to finish was fantastic. Thank you.


Angela Ingles, UK

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Why take an Epic Rail Journey?

At Undiscovered Destinations we were exploring the world by train long before it started to become popular because of concerns about climate change. Fundamentally it is a fantastic way to travel and with a bit of careful planning without question it will always be an enjoyable part of your holiday – not just a means to get from A to B.

What is an Epic Rail Journey?

Our range of Epic Rail Journeys is a special opportunity to combine two passions that we know many travellers share with the team at Undiscovered Destinations.

Being a holiday company that takes responsible travel very seriously we know that we can always do more to protect the environment. Like you we want to reduce our carbon footprint and our dependence on flying. But of course this has to be balanced with our passion for travel and our desire to discover new places, both near and far.

Following the success of offering a rail booking service in conjunction with many of our European holidays and tours we have decided to go a step further. Our range of Epic Rail Journeys will now take you beyond the continent to such places as Central Asia, North Africa and the Middle East – travelling all way by train from the UK or other European countries.

The journeys featured are just the start of a growing range of rail holidays and tours that we will be offering. Each can be described in its own right as a great rail journey. And remember every itinerary can be tailored to your requirements. We are experts at arranging tailor-made rail holidays, trips and tours. Download the applicable Tour Dossier and get in touch if you would like further information or suggestions about how the programme can be designed to suit your needs.

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