One of the true pleasures of travelling is to discover a new culture. At Undiscovered Destinations, a focus on culture is at the heart of all our small group tours and tailor-made holidays. Below we have our range of our cultural holidays. Choose from a wide range of destinations to explore.

You can travel in Ethiopia to discover the colourful Hamar people or discover how wine making in Georgia is so important to the national identity. Learn about the voodoo culture in Haiti or experience it first hand on our Ghana, Togo and Benin ‘Ouidah Voodoo Festival’ tour.

Undiscovered Destinations are proud to be able to show you so much of the world and our cultural holidays are designed to immerse you in the local life of the places that we visit.

Undiscovered Destinations small group tours and tailor-made holidays have always had a focus on the cultural side of the country or region that we are visiting. This comes from our experiences travelling in these countries and the knowledge that to really know a country, you must understand the culture.

Our UK based travel team have worked closely with our local teams and guides to make these cultural holidays as in depth and experiential as we can. We know what special travel memories are made from. It is the unexpected and unplanned for experiences that we remember the most. Like being invited into a local village to meet the tribal leaders or  having the honour of attending a funeral of the Toraja people in Indonesia.

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All Cultural Holidays and Tours.

Albania, Kosovo and Macedonia – Hidden Europe

Bangladesh Discovery Tour

Bolivia – To the High Andes

Bulgaria – Essence of Bulgaria Tour

Cambodia – To the Temples and Beyond

Cameroon – Kingdoms of Cameroon Tour

Chad – Gerewol Festival

Colombia – The Secret Heart of Colombia

Comoros Islands – Comoros Discovery

Discover Bhutan Tour

DRC – Congo River Cruise Expedition

Ecuador – Astride the Equator

Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania – Baltic States Tour

Ethiopia Omo Valley Explorer Tour

Georgia and Armenia Holidays – Caucasus Discovery Tour

Guinea-Bissau Discovery Tour

Haiti – Land of Mountains Tour

India – Rajasthan Encompassed Tour

Indonesia – Sulawesi Explorer Tour

Iran – Treasures of Ancient Persia

Iraq – Highlights of Kurdistan

Ivory Coast – Ivory Coast Revealed

Jamaica – Jamaica Discovery Tour

Jordan – Desert and History Tour

Kenya – Jade Sea Explorer Tour

Laos – The Secret Heart of Asia

Laos and Vietnam – Treasures of the North

Malaysian Borneo Tour – Borneo Explorer

Moldova – Moldova DiscoveryTour

Mongolia – Naadam Festival

Myanmar – Beyond the Tourist Trail

Nepal – Highlights of Nepal Tour

Nicaragua – Best of Nicaragua

Oman Tour – From the Desert to the Coast

Pakistan – Into the Mighty North

Peru – Beyond the Tourist Trail

Philippines – Terraces of the Cordillera

Romania – The Land that Time Forgot

Senegal, Gambia and Guinea Bissau – Explorer Tour

Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia, and Bosnia – Balkan Explorer

Sierra Leone – Forts, Chimps and Beaches

Sri Lanka – Beyond the Tourist Trail

Sri Lanka – Northern Explorer

Sudan – Kingdom of the Black Pharaohs

Togo, Benin and Ghana – Ouidah Voodoo Festival

Tour to Somaliland – Somaliland Uncovered

Turkmenistan – Turkmenistan Encompassed

Ukraine – A Journey Through Ukraine

Vineyards and Valleys of Lebanon Tour

West Africa Overland – From the Ocean to the Sahara

West Africa Overland – From the Sahara to the Ocean

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Our guide Meriba has been excellent. He loves his job, has huge knowledge and cares about tourists. He took us into Indonesian culture and life, helping us to understand what we were seeing. Thanks to Meriba we had a very close time with a lot of local people. He is an outstanding guide. He made the difference. Alex, the driver, made us feel safe and welcome.


A. Tomasi, Italy

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Why Cultural Holidays?

As has been quoted elsewhere on this website, G.K. Chesterton beautifully encapsulates what a cultural holiday is about when he says ‘“The traveller sees what he sees. The tourist sees what he has come to see.” At Undiscovered Destinations, we believe that the joy of travel comes from the unknown and the exploration of the different.  Challenging ourselves and pushing ourselves just that little bit out of our comfort zone reaps rewards that can change our whole perspective on life.

In many ways it is difficult to describe what a cultural holiday is. Everyone will have their own view on what to expect on a cultural holiday, but if you think of it as travel with the opportunity to interact with the local people; you are not too far off. What these interactions are, where they occur and how they take place are what make a memorable holiday.

There is one word that should always be used when thinking about cultural holidays; Genuine. If you have ever attended and felt let down by the ‘cultural experience ‘evening on a standard package holiday, then you will understand what we mean. Genuine social interactions cannot be booked in advance or paid for. On our cultural holidays and tours we are looking for that special moment, that bit of in depth knowledge that can only come from someone with a deep understanding of the culture you are experiencing.

This is why on an Undiscovered Destinations cultural holiday you will find that your guide is local. No guide sent from the UK or elsewhere will have the same cultural understanding of the country or region that you are travelling in.

Some local guides may not have an encyclopaedic knowledge of the facts and figures of every place you visit (do you know that much knowledge about your local area?) but what they do know is what these sites mean to the local people. They understand the meaning behind the facts and figures.

Only with this local knowledge can you come away from your travels satisfied that you have really experienced the destinations and that what you have experienced has been genuine.

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