Small Group Tours and Holidays in the Middle East

The Middle East embodies the very notion of exotic - stunning architecture, striking landscapes and a history that stretches back to the dawn of time. Discover the remnants of lost civilisations in Eastern Turkey and the exquisite beauty of Iran's mosques and shrines. Walk through ancient hilltop villages in Oman where old traditions still rule, look for turtles on the shores of the Arabian Sea and travel to Iraqi Kurdistan to learn about its history and enjoy its overwhelming hospitality. This engaging region has something to entice even the most experienced of travellers.

We offer a wide range of small group tours and holidays plus tailor-made holidays in the Middle East. Below is a list of our current destinations. Contact us for tailor-made options in all of these countries.


Treasures of Ancient Persia, 15 day small group cultural tour

Iran - Beyond the Veil, 12 day small group cultural tour


Highlights of Kurdistan, 8 day small group tour

Southern Iraq - The Land Between the Rivers


Jordan - Desert and History


Vineyards and Valleys of Lebanon


From the Desert to the coast, 8 day small group tour and tailor-made holidays