Balkans Holidays And Tours

Why Travel to the Balkans?

The southeastern region of Europe known as the Balkans has a history and culture unlike any other part of Europe. Our Balkans holidays and small group tours are designed to showcase the best the region has to offer, with options such as walking holidays, winter holidays, and short breaks for all kinds of travellers.

Geographically speaking, the Balkans contains a number of European countries and there are also several destinations on the Balkan peninsula that can be viewed as partially in the Balkans. This gives you plenty of travel inspiration when it comes to choosing where to go!

Here at Undiscovered Destinations, our Balkan tours and holidays in the Balkans cover Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Kosovo, Montenegro, Croatia, Serbia, and Romania.

Highlights of a Tour of the Balkans

The Balkans has always had an allure that the rest of Eastern Europe somehow misses. Located at the crossroads of three major empires (Ottoman, Russian and Austro-Hungarian) the Balkan region was and still is strategically vital. It is for this reason that the area has been a gateway between East and West for centuries; an area of cultural exchange and a melting pot of ethnicities and people.

From the sun-drenched Adriatic coast to the Dinaric Alps or the old city of Belgrade, any intrepid travellers looking at Balkans holidays will find a remarkable variety of places and cultures to explore on city breaks and island hopping guided tours. You can be both a hedonist and historian as you take in the sparkling Dalmatian beaches across destinations in the Balkans, visit the inland mountain towns, explore Ottoman and Ancient Roman architecture, and get to know the cultures, ethnicities, languages and ideologies of the countries that make up the Balkans on your holiday.

Undiscovered Destinations offer a wide range of holidays in the Balkans. Our experienced travel consultants can help with any Balkans holidays, whether you want to travel on one of our small group tours or family holidays, escorted tours or luxury holidays. Or, you might prefer a tailor-made holiday in which case we can put together the perfect itinerary based on our unique knowledge of the area.

Private & Small Group Balkans Tours

We offer a range of small group tours in the Balkans for those looking to explore the region with a professionally-made itinerary showcasing the best that the Balkans has to offer. Tour leaders are local and therefore experts on the area, ready to show you around and help you to experience the destination in its most authentic form. 

We also offer the option of tailor-made tours for those who want to customise their own bespoke trip in collaboration with our experts to create the perfect Balkan holiday.

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This was an exciting itinerary, well put together by people who knew the region well. We covered five countries but never felt rushed, getting a great feel and understanding as we explored.

Pete Woving, Australia

Places to visit on our Balkans Holidays

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Best Balkans Holiday Destinations

There are very few people who visit the Balkans for the first time and don’t decide to come back again. It is very easy to fall in love with this timeless part of southern Europe and that first visit will no doubt be the first of many if you haven’t explored the Balkans previously. 

You will find an intoxicating mix of culture and history, the past and the present seamlessly merged. You will also meet plenty of proud people and experience traditions that are alive and kicking even in this digital age.

For those who have never visited the Balkans, the allure and the passion that those who have travelled there speak about the region is difficult to understand. ‘Oh, we are going to the Balkans on our holidays’ is not a phrase that you hear very often and if you do, the common question that follows is ‘Why?’

To those that have been to the Balkans, the answer will be long and complicated. It may be the wildflower meadows and watercolor-perfect scenery in rural Romania or it could be the cafe culture and summer parties in Croatia that sparks a dream-like remembrance. In all probability, it is a combination of these and many more experiences that the Balkans offers on our tailormade holidays.

Vast swathes of some of Europe’s wildest regions provide perfect hiking and off-road biking for the more adventurous. Sail along the Dalmatian coast, where dramatic limestone cliffs rise from the deep and small islands are scattered just offshore. Or just relax on Albania’s impressive electric blue beaches.

In the winter, why not try skiing in Bulgaria? It may not be widely known in the UK, but Bulgaria is developing into one of the leading European destinations for winter mountain activities.

Then there is the enigma that is Kosovo. There are very few, even amongst the converted, who have had the chance to explore Kosovo. Those that do will discover a microcosm of the Balkans. From possibly the friendliest people in Europe (or most definitely the chattiest!) with a hearty appetite and a thirst for good times to the wild untamed mountains just waiting to be explored, Kosovo packs a huge amount in. Wonderful monasteries, homegrown wine and recent history are as eventful as any in the world.

The Balkans really do have it all. For the adventurous traveller looking for somewhere new to discover, your time here will certainly be well spent.

Balkans Culture and Food

Described as where Europe, the Mediterranean, and the Middle East meet, the Balkans offers a rich cultural scene with varied traditions creating one of the most dynamic cultural regions in the world.

Balkan cuisine is a unique type of regional cuisine that embodies the characteristics of European dishes with those of Western Asia. As the Balkans encompasses Albania, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Serbia, and Slovenia amongst other countries in Southeastern Europe, this only contributes to the region’s diverse culinary offerings, making it one of the most distinctive in Europe’s southern peninsular. 

FAQs About Holidays in the Balkans

Which is the best Balkan country to visit?

Croatia is undoubtedly one of the best Balkan countries to visit. Famed for its cascading waterfalls, the array of breathtaking islands, and historic cities, the country is an attractive and culturally diverse location in the Balkan region that shouldn’t be missed during your next trip.

Are the Balkans cheap to visit?

Compared to Western European destinations, the Balkans is a much more affordable area to add to your bucket list that won’t break the bank! You will, however, find that prices will vary depending on which country you visit in the Balkans but, as a whole, the region offers much better value for money in its accommodation, food, and other activities and services during your trip.

What are the 7 Balkan nations?

The Balkan region comprises 7 nations, these being: Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Kosovo, Albania, and North Macedonia.

What is the best time of year to visit the Balkans?

Visiting the Balkans during springtime offers the best opportunity to view the region in its prime. Spring showcases the region’s beautiful natural landscapes in all of their glory, and as temperatures begin to rise at the start of March, this offers comfortable conditions to explore the area.

Is it safe to travel to the Balkans?

The Balkans are a safe European travel destination. According to a UN study, the Balkan crime rate is lower than that of Western Europe, meaning that travellers can rest assured that visiting the Balkans offers a safe and secure environment for their trip in Europe.

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