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Why Take a Tour to Albania?

Considering its position at the heart of the Mediterranean, Albania remains surprisingly lesser-explored. The country boasts a stunning landscape consisting of some of the region’s finest beaches, wild and rugged mountains, and idyllic valleys and forests. Also known as the ‘land of the two-headed eagle’, a Holiday to Albania will enthral those who seek to discover its hidden archaeological treasures, ancient towns, and bask in the welcome of its delightful people.

An Albania Guided Tour will leave you with a feeling like you’ve ventured ‘off the beaten track’, which remains even when you depart for home. The country is a world apart, rich in history and seldom-discovered scenery and proudly displaying its vibrant traditions and customs. You should be eager to discover this phenomenal country for all it has to offer during your next trip to Albania.

Highlights of Albania Holidays

Our group tours, adventure & family holidays and tailor-made trips cover the highlights of Albania and draw you into one of Europe’s best-kept secrets. Albania is a fascinating land where the remains of ancient Greek acropolises, dramatic amphitheatres, and collonaded forums from lost Roman imperial grandeur intertwine with Byzantine and Ottoman elegance.

Our local guides will expertly lead you through the gentle meandering, but equally dramatic, rural routes which range from dazzling mountain reserves to azure fringed coastal villages and pristine beaches of the Ionian Sea. Our holidays to Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia & Montenegro will take you to explore the not only the historical centre of Albania as well as more off-the-beaten-track destinations.

You are never far from another extraordinary and uncelebrated archaeological find during your guided tour to Albania, where the past seems to enrich the present. If you wish to explore beyond Albania, take a look at some of our other tours of the Balkans Region.

Private & Small Group Albania Tours

Our small group tours allow you to uncover some of the best and most exciting Albanian holiday destinations on offer, which are ideal for solo travelers, families or seniors. With local tour leaders who are fountains of knowledge when it comes to the region, its history and landscapes, you can ensure that you will discover some of the most iconic, but also authentic, parts of the country during your next holiday.

We also offer the option of tailor-made tours for those looking to personalise their Albania guided travel experience to suit their preferences and needs, including other destinations such as North Macedonia, Kosovo & Montenegro

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Our driver & guide were very keen for us to experience as much as we could of Albania in our eight days & we certainly had a great time. We have travelled with Undiscovered Destinations several times before & have never been disappointed.

Andrea Luck, UK

Places to visit in Albania and on our Albania guided tours

Best Albania Holiday Destinations

The “land of the Shqiptarë”, or ‘sons of eagles’ covers around 28,000 km² and boasts a distinctive heritage and culture, encircled inland by a dramatic range of mountains that tower over 700m. The locals claim their ancestry from the ancient Illyrians and today there’s a plenitude of Hellenic, Roman, Byzantine, Ottoman and Communist sites offering travellers endless opportunities to connect with bygone ages. Away from the charms of the 300 km coastline, the interior is untamed, untouched, and glorious, rewarding you with a real sense of the intrepid.

Albania is also home to a number of other truly unique cities, each with its own captivating features: Tirana, the capital of the country, is known for its vibrant architecture, from Fascist, Ottoman, and Soviet Eras; Berat for its tiered white Ottoman homes perched high on a hilltop with a castle. Shkodër is admired for its cultural and religious diversity, giving it its name as the traditional capital of northern Albania; Durrës for being a bustling port city; and Vlorë for its dramatic sea coasts lining the Albanian Adriatic.

Albania is also really close to Kosovo, North Macedonia, and Montenegro. We recommend exploring both destinations whilst visiting Albania. You can read more about the experience of a holiday exploring the three countries.

Albania History and Culture

Despite being relatively sheltered from tourists, the residents of Albania embrace the novelty of travellers with gusto, making it both a safe destination to explore and an enriching cultural encounter. Famously and proudly secretive for much of the 20th century, the country was a communist enigma, looking heavily towards Maoist China for its inspiration. But 1992’s ushering in of democracy has meant that Albania is now beginning to share its rich bounty of historic and geographical sites.

Successive invasions from sundry directions and a variety of religious creeds have lent the landscape cultural sites of military, monastic and communal importance, many of which now lie in ruins, overrun by nature. Visitors to these sites are uncommon and you may well find yourself entirely alone amidst the remains of once bustling sites. Of equal curiosity are the relics of Supreme Comrade Hoxha’s plethora of concrete bunkers which scatter the nation, a legacy of the communist leader’s paranoia over the foreign invasion.

What to Expect from Albania Today?

Today, the country has shifted towards a far more tolerant and diverse culture. Catholic churches, orthodox basilica, synagogues, and mosques stand side by side and indicate the ‘live-and-let-live’ mindset that characterises this welcoming nation now. 

Expect to luxuriate in the food and drink of the region, with hearty lamb stews and earthenware baked pulses from the north Balkans alongside Greek specialities such as Baklava and the pizza and pasta of Italy. 

Albania’s past has always been shaped by the great empires of the Mediterranean and their influence stands at every turn, offering a splendid opportunity for what still feels like a pioneering adventure during your next visit.

FAQs About Holidays in Albania

How many days should I spend in Albania?

As Albania is a relatively small country in Europe, it would be reasonable to suggest that the country’s main cities and points of interest can be explored in as little as 4 or 5 days. However, should you be looking to have a more leisurely trip to Albania, with plenty of time to explore each destination in the country, you should allocate yourself at least a week.

Is Albania a cheap place to visit?

Albania is a cheaper European country to visit, which makes it an attractive holiday destination for many foreign tourists. For reference, you can pay less than €20 for a room per night in the country and a beer will only set you back 150 Albanian Lek, or just over £1.

What is there to do in Albania for a week?

Some of Albania’s most popular tourist attractions include the country’s capital of Tirana, known for its deep-rooted historical and political environment, the captivating ‘Blue Eye’ natural water spring in the south of the country, and the lively Saranda – one of the most famous tourist destinations in Albania, popular for its sandy stretches of coastline and buzzing nightlife scene. 

There is plenty to keep you entertained for a week here, whether it be any one of the country’s historic and cultural cities, beautiful natural phenomena, or golden stretches of coastline. You won’t run out of things to do within a week during your trip to Albania!

Is Albania safe to visit?

Albania is generally known for being a safe country to visit as a tourist. Whilst there are mild threats, including crime and violence occurring in some areas, this is rare against any foreign tourists. Equally, public security is good, particularly in large cities including Tirana, the capital, and Albanians are generally friendly and hospitable to foreign visitors.

What is the best month to visit Albania?

May, June, and September are undoubtedly the best months to visit Albania. You can avoid the busier tourist scene experienced during the summer season whilst still enjoying warmer weather. This means you can bask in the country’s beautiful natural scenery,  ideal for hiking, cycling, and sightseeing, whilst making the most of this quieter time of year.

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