Albania Solo Travel: Tips and Advice

Albania is a lesser-explored gem in Europe that remains largely untouched by the majority of travellers that flock to the continent annually. But to many peoples’ surprise, the country boasts spectacular and diverse landscapes alongside a beautiful culture and friendly locals.

But, many question whether the country is suitable for solo travellers in particular. That’s why in this article we’ve delved into what it’s like to solo travel in Albania for different groups, with useful tips and advice for those travelling alone to make the most of their trips to Albania. 

Why Visit Albania as a Solo Traveller?

Albania truly offers a little bit of everything. With colourful settlements with a deep-rooted and rich history, as well as exceptional natural regions that will leave you in awe, the country offers much to behold for the intrigued solo traveller who hopes to delve deeper into Albania’s culture and heritage.

Whilst travelling solo can be an anxious experience when you’re visiting a new country, Albania’s culture and economy make it a particularly favourable destination for those travelling alone. Its locals, for example, are known for being friendly and more than willing to help you in times of need.  

And with a largely safe climate, as one of the least dangerous places in Europe, you can ensure that you can spend your visit to Albania with little worry or fear.

Bovilla Lake, Albania

How Best Can You Visit and Solo Travel in Albania?

Much like any other traveller, you can visit Albania as a solo traveller with ease and travel around the country safely and simply during your visit here. 

Getting around Albania is easy by plane between major destinations or by bus, which is one of the most convenient options as buses run daily between some of the country’s most famed and favourite locations. Albania can also be reached in a short amount of time from other European countries, which makes it a convenient travel destination for solo travellers exploring the continent. 

For solo travellers, our Albania Explorer tour offers a convenient way to explore the country, from its hidden gems to famed sights and scenic hotspots, with an expert guide to lead the way and other like-minded travellers to share experiences with.

Tips for All Solo Travellers Visiting Albania

For all solo travellers visiting Albania, we’ve highlighted a couple of our top tips to bear in mind when you’re exploring the country:

Learn Basic Local Phrases

Whilst some Albanian residents speak fluent English, many don’t speak the language at all. So, if you’re considering a solo trip to Albania, knowing some basic phrases will not only ensure that you get by during your visit but will also help you form bonds with locals, who will appreciate that you’ve made the effort to communicate with them.

Embrace The Culture

Albania is one of the most unique European destinations. Therefore, ensuring that you’re embracing its culture to the full during your visit is important. Savour the delectable local cuisine and delicacies at every opportunity, as well as learn about the country’s traditions and ethnic heritage.

Bovilla Lake, near Tirana

Tips for Female Solo Travellers Visiting Albania

With solo female travellers often having to be more cautious when travelling to new destinations alone, we’ve highlighted a few specific tips for women wanting to take a trip to Albania solo.

Don’t Put Yourself in Unsafe Situations

Whilst Albania is not an unsafe country for solo travellers, a female traveller may be more vulnerable on her own. Therefore, it is important that you do not place yourself in unsafe situations, such as walking alone at night in unlit areas at any time during your trip to Albania.

Dress Appropriately Where Necessary

Albania is a predominantly Muslim country. And whilst you can largely wear whatever you’d like in public if you are to be visiting religious sites that require you to cover up make sure you’re respectful of this and pack accordingly.

Is Albania Safe for Solo Female Travellers?

Albania is absolutely safe for female travellers. The country, however, doesn’t attract as many solo female travellers as other European destinations or other Balkan countries. However, this is not an indication that Albania is any less safe or any less favourable for an adventurous female traveller. 

Pickpocketing and violent crime are rare amongst tourists, so you shouldn’t be fearful, or consider knocking a trip to Albania off your bucket list, during your next holiday here.

Woman exploring Gjipe Canyon Albania

Tips for Senior Solo Travellers Visiting Albania

For older travellers looking to get a slice of what Albania has to offer, there are a couple of tips that we would recommend taking into consideration:

Avoid Visiting During Peak Tourist Seasons

Much like any other tourist destination, Albania gets much more crowded during the summer months. July and August are the height of the tourist season and so, for older travellers who may dislike crowded environments and want to explore a destination at a leisurely pace, visiting at another time of the year is recommended.

Consider Visiting On An Organised Small Group Tour

Albania has only just started to adapt and respond to the increasing tourist attention it has been getting in recent years. And whilst the country has much to discover, it can be difficult to get around for older solo travellers as its public transportation, whilst being functional, is somewhat chaotic. 

This is why we’d recommend taking a small group tour to Albania with the expertise of a local guide to alleviate the stress of navigating your way through the country. This allows you to experience all that Albania’s history, culture, and heritage has to offer, without the worry of organising your itinerary yourself. And with plenty of time to explore and roam freely on your own, this is an ideal option.

Older solo traveller


Albania is a fantastic destination for solo travellers. Still a hidden gem and lesser-discovered destination in Europe, solo travellers of all ages and experiences shouldn’t hesitate to add the country to their list of destinations to adventure through on their own. 

We hope our tips have proved helpful as a starting point for discovering Albania in its full glory solo.

FAQs About Solo Travel in Albania

Is Tirana Safe as a Solo Traveller?

As the country’s capital, Tirana is more than safe for tourists and is one of the best places in Albania to visit. The city often has police on patrol keeping an eye out for any crimes and crime rates are typically low against travellers. Much like other European capitals, however, you should be conscious of pickpocketing, particularly on public transport.

What is the Best Time to Visit Albania?

Spring to early summer (from April to June) and late summer to autumn (September to October) are some of the best times to visit Albania so you can make the most of prime weather conditions whilst seeing fewer tourists and, therefore, cheaper prices.

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