Albania in September

Albania is one of Europe’s lesser-visited destinations, and yet it’s a country with just as much to offer travellers as some of its more popular neighbours. Located in the Mediterranean with a coastline overlooking the Adriatic and the Ionian Seas, it’s a destination with beautiful beaches, an impressive mountain range and plenty of charming towns and cities with a wide variety of cultural offerings.

In the summer months, Albania is a very popular destination because of its warm weather, seeing plenty of tourists on the Albanian Riviera and receiving day trip visitors from the nearby Greek island Corfu. Spring and Autumn are generally considered to be the best months to visit the country, as not only will it be a little quieter but the weather is also much more suited to spending your days exploring outdoors.

September is the perfect month to enjoy summery weather with shoulder season crowds in Albania. In this guide, we explore the weather in September in Albania and share recommendations for what to do, where to go and how best to get to the country.

River in Albania

The Weather in Albania in September

September is the first month of the autumn season in Albania, but the weather is still quite warm and summery for the first few weeks. The average temperature during September is 21°C, with highs of around 26°C and lows of 15°C in the evenings and early mornings. 

The mountainous areas of Albania will be cooler and wetter in September, whilst the coast of the country remains relatively warm. You’ll see people on the beaches when the sun is out, and the water temperature is between 24°C and 25°C which is still very pleasant for swimming.

September in Albania sees more rainfall than over the summer months, but there’s only an average of seven days of rain during the month, so you’re more likely to get dry weather during your trip. There’s an average of eight hours of sunshine a day and the UV index will be high, so you’re advised to bring sunscreen and sunglasses!

Where to Go in Albania in September


Sarandë is located on the Albanian Riviera and is one of the most popular places in Albania to visit. In the summer months the town is crowded with tourists, but in September you can enjoy a much more peaceful atmosphere in this gorgeous coastal destination. 

Spending time by the sea should be at the top of your agenda when you’re in Sarandë, as there’s a collection of beautiful beaches and a seafront boulevard to walk along. Sarandë is also home to several brilliant historic attractions, including a 6th-century monastery and a 5th-century Synagogue Complex.


In the north of Albania lies Shkodër, which is a small city near the mountains that is often frequented by hikers. It’s known as the cultural capital of Albania and has a lot to offer in terms of attractions, so is a great place to visit in September when the weather is mild and you want to be out and about all day.

Rozafa Castle is a highlight of Shkodër, overlooking the city and offering beautiful views of the whole area, and Mesi Bridge is another well-known historic site. If you want to make the most of the good weather and go on a hike, Shkodër is ideally positioned to visit Theth National Park or travel to the Albanian Alps for a longer walk. 



Ksamil is another town on the Albanian Riviera that is also incredibly popular and busy in the summer, making September a brilliant time to visit. The coastal town is best known for its picturesque beaches, of which you have over ten to choose from!

On days when the weather is hot and sunny, Ksamil is the perfect place to visit and spend some time on the beach or swimming in the sea. You also have the Butrint National Park nearby if you fancy a hike and have the option of catching a boat to one of the three uninhabited islands off the coast of Ksamil to explore wilder coast scenery.

What to Do in Albania in September

Spend a Day at the Beach

As we’ve already highlighted, the weather in Albania in September is still pretty warm and sunny, which means that the conditions are ideal for spending time at the beach. If you’re visiting the country’s coastline then a great thing to do is plan a trip to one of its beaches and enjoy beautiful scenery along with much quieter conditions than you’d get in a lot of other European countries at this time of year.

Sarandë and Ksamil are top-rated beach destinations, but other popular spots include Dhërmi, which is one of the longest pebble beaches in Albania, the secluded Gjipe Beach in the Gjipe Canyon, and Narta Lagoon near the city of Vlora, which is partially good for families.

Ksamil Beach

Go Cycling

Albania is stiflingly hot in the summer, which means that active activities like walking and cycling are often off the table of things to do. But in September the cooler temperatures are perfect if you want to plan a cycling excursion as part of your holiday, or even travel between towns for a couple of days on your bike. Cycling is a great way to see Albania in September and really appreciate the country’s landscape, whether it’s the sole focus of your trip or just something to do for a day. 

The terrain in Albania is quite hilly, so if you’re planning on a long cycling expedition, be ready to work hard as you travel up and down hills and mountains. But if you’re just looking for an activity on a warm afternoon, there are plenty of established routes that won’t put too much strain on your legs, especially by the coast.

Sightsee in Durrës

Durrës is known for being home to Albania’s biggest seaport and is often called “The eternal city” because of the incredible history of the area. Stories of Durrës go back over 3000 years to its founding in 627 B.C.E, meaning that there is a plethora of historic sites around the city from its vast collection of inhabitants over the centuries.

Sightseeing in Durrës is a great way to spend at least a day in Albania in September and is an excellent option if you’re a history lover. Traces of Roman life can be seen at the Durres Amphitheatre, there are ruins of a Byzantine Forum, and the Durrës Archaeological Museum has the largest collection of artefacts in Albania.

St Anthony's Church Durres

How Much Does it Cost to Travel in Albania in September?

Albania’s ‘undiscovered’ status means that it’s a relatively cheap place to visit, as tourism hasn’t driven up the prices of accommodation, activities and dining options. Therefore, it’s easy to save money when you visit the country or enjoy a more luxurious experience without breaking the bank.

Accommodation costs in Albania are between €20 – €40 for a double room in a hotel, with beds in hostels usually only costing around €15. Dining out in Albania will usually set you back about €15 per person, and tickets to local attractions are between €1 – €4 depending on their popularity. 

Bear in mind that September is one of the most popular months of the year to visit Albania, so you might see slightly higher prices for things like transport and accommodation because of this. But overall, the cost of a trip to Albania is lower than other, more touristy European travel destinations, which makes it a great option if you’re looking for a longer trip or want to travel on a budget.

Berat Albania

How to Get to Albania in September

If you’ve decided that you’d like to visit this exciting Balkan country in September, one of the first things you’ll need to plan is how you’re going to get there.

By Plane

The most straightforward way to travel to Albania in September is by plane. The country has four airports that offer direct flights to and from numerous European countries and land you directly in some of the country’s most popular cities. If you’re flying from outside of Europe, you’ll likely need to transfer when you reach the continent and then fly to Albania from another country.

By Bus

If you’re looking for a cost-effective way to travel to Albania in September then you can reach the country by bus from Greece. There are bus services running from either Athens or Thessaloniki, which both take a significant amount of time and will use up at least one day of your holiday. However, it’s a great option for budget travellers and allows you to see a lot of Greece and Albania’s scenery as you travel.

By Ferry

A relatively speedy way to reach Albania from Greece and Italy is to catch a ferry. There are a variety of services that depart from the coast of both European countries, with ferries from Corfu in Greece usually taking around half an hour to reach Albania. Ferries from Italy take a lot longer to reach Albania, usually between seven and nine hours, but travel to multiple destinations in the country.

By Car

Since Albania is part of the European continent, you can drive to the country from any of the surrounding countries. Albania shares a border with Greece, Macedonia, Kosovo and North Macedonia, so journeys from these countries will be shorter than if you’re travelling from somewhere like Croatia, for example.

Travelling to Albania by car can be useful, as then you have your own vehicle to get around the country. However, journeys from other European countries are time-consuming, so it’s not the most effective method of travelling.

What’s the Best Way to Travel in Albania?

Once you’ve arrived in Albania, getting around the country can be tricky. There is public transport connecting the towns and cities, but it’s usually difficult to find timetables for the buses so it’s tricky to plan ahead when relying on these services. Hiring a car gives you more control over your itinerary, but this can be an expensive option.

One of the best ways to travel in Albania in September is to book an organised tour and let experts take care of the transport between destinations, especially if you are a solo traveller. In a place like Albania where public transport is unreliable for tourists, this is the best option to ensure you travel safely and get to see as much of the country as possible.

At Undiscovered Destinations, we offer small group tours to countries like Albania that are designed to help you see as much of the country as possible. Our experts take care of all the travel arrangements and can arrange bespoke itineraries if you have a certain kind of trip in mind, promising a unique and unforgettable trip every time.

Rozafa Castle Albania

Visiting Other Balkan Countries in September

Albania is part of the Balkans and bordered by Greece, North Macedonia, Montenegro and Kosovo, which are some of the most popular travel destinations in the area. If you’d like to see more of the Balkan countries then it’s easy to travel onwards from Albania to explore more of this part of Europe, and Undiscovered Destinations can help you do just that. 

Our ‘Hidden Europe Tour’ is a small group travel experience that takes travellers around Albania, Kosovo and Macedonia to uncover a side of Europe that is often overlooked by other tourists. We also offer a range of other Balkans Holidays around the other countries in the area, which you can add to your trip to Albania. 


Albania deserved just as much attention as other countries in the Balkans and Southern Europe and is a brilliant destination for a September holiday because of its beautiful coastline and great range of outdoor sightseeing opportunities. Whether you’re a fan of historic sites, mountainous scenery or charming seaside towns, there’s a lot to discover and love about Albania.

If you’d like to plan a trip to Albania in September and are looking for expert guidance on how to see the highlights of the country, Undiscovered Destinations offer small group tours that are perfect for discovering this unique destination. Our experts can help put together bespoke itineraries based on our insight and knowledge of the country, so take a look at our Albania tour options or get in touch to discuss what you’re looking for.

FAQs About Travelling to Albania

Is September a good time to visit Albania?

September is a great time to visit Albania and is often recommended as one of the best months of the year to come to the country. The weather is still warm and sunny but isn’t unbearably hot like it is in the summer, meaning that you can make the most of all the beautiful outdoor spaces like the beaches, mountains and national parks. It’s also quieter in terms of tours, which many travellers prefer as it gives the whole country a more authentic feeling.

Can you swim in Albania in September?

The average water temperature for the sea in Albania in September is between 24°C and 25°C, so you can definitely swim at this time of year. These temperatures will feel relatively warm and be very pleasant on days when the weather is hot and sunny, so you’ll see quite a lot of people on the beaches on Albania’s coast when it’s warm and dry.

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