Albania in June

Albania’s colourful culture and complex history make it a fascinating country in Europe. Nestled in the Balkan Peninsula, in the Southeast of the continent, the country is still a lesser-discovered secret with many travellers failing to realise its sheer beauty and splendour. 

For this reason, globe trotters looking to experience adventure at every turn should add Albania to their lists, with the country’s pristine landscapes, preserved ruins, and traditional settlements likely to leave them in awe. 

Summer is a popular time of year to visit this ‘off-the-beaten-track’ destination, when it is showcased in its best light with some of its most favourable weather. This is why, in this article, we discuss Albania in June specifically and highlight what you can expect at this time of year to best plan and prepare for your next Balkan adventure.

The Weather in Albania in June

The weather in Albania in June is the beginning of the best that the year has to bring. June marks the start of the summer season in Albania, and so the weather is both hot and dry. 

The Albania temperature in June typically ranges between 22°C and 28°C, offering more than pleasant conditions. And when it comes to rainfall, on average there are only 5 days of this throughout the month, offering a very low chance of encountering a poor weather day. 

All in all, you can expect blue, sun-filled skies during a visit to Albania in June, offering glorious conditions to explore all it has to offer.

Weather in Albania in June

Where to Go in Albania in June


Tirana is Albania’s thriving capital. Situated in the central region of the country, it is one of the most bustling cities in the Balkan Peninsula. For those looking to see the city when it’s in its prime, June is a great opportunity to make the most of the blissful summertime weather which allows you to indulge in the city’s atmosphere when it is at its brightest. 

Known for its Soviet, Fascist, and Ottoman architecture, you can roam the streets of the city and admire these structures representing the hardships that the country has endured, as well as its long-standing history. Equally, you can enjoy its pleasant cafe culture, which it has gained a reputation for, alongside some breathtaking landmarks, including Et’hem Bej Mosque and Skanderbeg Square.


The port city of Durrës is one of the country’s most popular coastal settlements. Situated west of Tirana in the Albanian Riviera, the city has an ancient history that spans 3000 years, with much of this history still being visible within its streets and structures.

Not only this but the city’s location on the coast means it is, of course, home to some of the best stretches of shoreline in the country. Here, residents and tourists alike flock from far and wide to indulge in the warm sands and calm seas, particularly in the summertime.


Once an ancient city, Vokskopoja is a centre of cultural significance and a thriving mountainous village in the hills of the southeast of Albania.

The city is a historic, religious, and culturally fascinating destination which has preserved many of the sights and buildings that tell the story of its deep-rooted historic timeline. Its Orthodox churches and Romanesque architecture are particularly beautiful, and the 18th-century frescoes here are some of the best in Southern Europe.

For those who are interested in exploring Albania, alongside its neighbouring Balkan countries, it’s possible to extend our ‘Albania Explorer’ tour to discover the beauties that lie in North Macedonia. 

This allows visitors to broaden their Balkan experiences to explore not only the scenic landscapes and captivating settlements of Albania but also some of North Macedonia’s most exceptional locations, including breathtaking Lake Ohrid and the impressive Mavrovo National Park.


What to Do in Albania in June

Take the Dajti Ekspres to Dajti National Park

The Dajti Ekspres is a cable car located nearby to the capital of Tirana. Here, visitors can soak in exceptional views of Mount Dajti National Park, a vast green space stretching over 113 square miles. 

The Austrian-built cable car, which is the longest in the Balkans, hoists its visitors up in the air on a 15-minute trip to savour 360-degree views of the verdant scenery below.

And if you are visiting Albania in June, you are almost guaranteed the ideal conditions to indulge in the far-stretching vistas, which will are best viewed in more favourable weather. Equally, summertime is a fantastic season to explore the many hikes, pine forests, and mountainous areas of Dajti National Park during a day out here for the same reason.

Lounge At The Beach

As June marks the beginning of Albania’s best season, a visit to the beach is a must. The country has developed a reputation for its impressive coastal landscapes, so it’d be silly not to stop by at least once during a visit to Albania in June.

Durres is one of the most popular Albanian beaches. Situated on the Albanian Riviera, its 10km of shoreline is only 40 minutes away by car from Tirana, making it more than accessible to reach from the vibrant capital. Its wide golden sandy stretch is dotted with sun beds and parasols and is bordered by calm waters, offering a great location for people of all ages for their Albania beach holidays.

Explore The Mountain Settlement of Voskopoja

Visiting Albania’s mountain settlements is a must when exploring the country, and summertime, unlike some other seasons, offers the best conditions to do so.

Also known as Moscopole, Voskopoja is a mountain settlement surrounded by forest and hills, immersed in local nature that gives it its tranquil and peaceful atmosphere. The month of June, in particular, is one of the best months to visit Voskopoje, offering the highest likelihood of experiencing pleasant weather with little chance of snow or precipitation.

Imagine breathing the fresh, clean air and exploring the surrounding landscapes, with several hiking trails and springs situated not far from Voskopoje, during summertime. Afterwards, you’d explore the town itself, which has developed a reputation for its skilled craftsmen who create handcrafted garments and handicrafts from locally sourced materials, who may even tempt you to grab a souvenir of your adventures. 

Planning a trip to Albania in June? One of the best ways to experience the country’s hidden gems, alongside its historic and cultural havens, is during our Albania Explorer’ tour. Handcrafted by our team of experts, this small-group tour allows you the luxury of getting up close and personal with Albania’s sights and scenes. You’ll also have the support and knowledge of an expert local guide during your trip to gain insider insight into the areas, culture, and history of Albania.

Durres Beach

How Much Does it Cost to Travel in Albania in June?

June is the month before the high season in Albania, which runs from July to August. This means that prices may be slightly more affordable than if travelling during this peak tourist time.

But, as June does mark the start of the summer season, and so the beginning of the best of the country’s weather, Albania’s residents often begin to make the most of this time of year by exploring the country during trips and holidays. Equally, the number of tourists visiting the country does begin to rise in June due to the more favourable weather conditions. As a result, prices may increase at this time of year for transportation and accommodation in particular.

We would always advise you to book your holiday in advance in order to both avoid disappointment at this more popular time of the year and to also allow you to secure the best possible deals on your holiday. 

But, don’t let this put you off, as Albania is still a more than affordable country in which you won’t have to spend any more than €1 on a local beer, or 50 cents for a bottle of water. 

And in the case of accommodations, mid-range hotels typically range from €12.50 to €20 per person per night in a double room, and for food, you’ll be spending only around €15 for a 3-course meal in a lovely local restaurant. 

So, with the country being more affordable, the higher costs that come with summertime don’t make Albania any more expensive than other, more trendy, European destinations.

Is it Worth it to Take a Tour of Albania?

Especially in the summertime, when there are more tourists visiting the country and so more planning is often necessary to accommodate your travel wants and needs, a tour can be a better and more convenient use of your time and money. 

With experts planning your trip who know the ins and outs of a destination, you can rest assured that your tour will be meticulously planned from start to finish and booked well in advance to ensure the best accommodations, excursions, and transportation options are secured. This will not only make your trip more convenient, but it will also make it as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. 

Also, our small group tours in destinations across Europe and the world almost guarantee visits to popular sites and attractions, even when visiting numbers are much higher during the summertime. And best of all, you’ll receive your own local and knowledgeable guide with us, making for a more exclusive experience to learn more about the local culture and history for an informative and hassle-free holiday.

Tourists in Albania

How to Get to Albania in June

By Plane

Flying is the most convenient way to reach Albania in June. With June being the start of the summer season, and the breaking up of schools and institutions, flights are likely to be more in demand at this time of year, but they do run regularly from destinations across Europe and from further afield to any of Albania’s four airports.

By Bus

Greece is one of the most popular and convenient routes to reach Albania by bus, with this method of transportation often offering a much cheaper alternative to reach the country than flying. However, during summertime, buses can be an uncomfortable option, particularly when the weather is hot, given that the journeys are much longer.

By Ferry

Ferries to Albania become more frequent during the summer months in order to meet the increasing demand from tourists to reach the country. Ferries often embark in either Greece or Italy to reach several of the country’s most popular destinations,  including Sarandë and Durrës. 

Ferries cost more during the high season, however, so whilst this is a convenient route, you will have to pay more to go at this time of year.

By Car

Some people do choose to travel to Albania by car from other European destinations, including Italy, Romania, and other Balkan countries. However, during peak summer months with tourist levels being higher, it may be more difficult to drive around cities and find parking.

Visiting Other Balkan Countries in June

It’s more than convenient to pair your visit to Albania in June with other Balkan countries, including the likes of  Kosovo, Macedonia and Montenegro. In doubt which destination to choose? Have a look at the comparison between Albania vs. Montenegro

Tours make it all the more possible to explore more of your chosen destination, where all of the complexities of getting between locations, planning accommodations, and organising excursions and day trips are taken care of. So, for this reason, those looking to explore Albania may as well uncover the beauty that lies in other Balkan destinations during their next trip whilst they are in this corner of the world.

Our expertly created Balkan tours offer an insider’s glimpse to discover the hotspots, highlights, and hidden gems of this lesser-explored and untouched region of Europe.

Albanian Alps


Visiting Albania in June is an exceptional time of year to start making the most of the very best of the country’s weather, showcasing its destinations in their prime. Whilst this comes with an increase in tourists and busier hotspots, Albania still remains one of the lesser-discovered destinations in Europe so you’re always guaranteed a quieter, and therefore more authentic, experience.

We also recommend visiting Albania in May or September!

Contact a member of our team now to take the reins on planning your dream trip to Albania.

FAQs About Travelling to Albania

Can You Swim in Albania in June?

The sea temperature in Albania in June sits at around 23°C, which is considered to be quite warm and comfortable. And this is certainly an ideal temperature to cool off amidst the heat of the day.

What is the Hottest Month in Albania?

July is the hottest month in Albania, reaching average temperatures of 24°C. June offers similar temperatures, so is therefore an excellent option that boasts great weather whilst not being too sweltering. We would always recommend packing accordingly for these weather conditions with sufficient sun protection.

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