Why choose us

Undiscovered Destinations is owned and staffed by people for whom travel is not simply an interesting job, but an all-consuming passion. We believe that travel should not simply be a business, but a way of exploring and understanding the world and the diverse cultures that inhabit our planet.

Adventure travel is becoming mainstream, and is increasingly losing the element that makes it so special – real adventure. Too often the promises made aren’t kept – how often have you read that you’ll get to ‘meet the locals’ and been disappointed in the brief encounter that’s delivered, or that you’ll stay in a ‘local home’ to discover it’s little more than a guesthouse? We believe that your time overseas is precious and that you deserve more. Off the beaten track for us is much more than just an overused marketing slogan – we really will take you to places where few other tourists have visited.

Undiscovered Destinations aim to take our guests to some of the most interesting and unique regions of the world, areas that are not yet on the ever growing tourist trail and that still offer something very special to the experienced traveller. We escape from the crowds into a world where the tourist is not all powerful, where the experiences are truly authentic, and where you have the opportunity to take yourself just that little bit out of your comfort zone and immerse yourself in the real nature of a country. We don’t want to just offer you a taste of the exotic but aim to provide a much more in depth and rewarding experience, taking you to places that an independent traveller would probably never get to see. We travel to remote lands and meet some of the most intriguing and least visited peoples in the world, pushing the boundaries of adventure travel. For us this is real travel – exciting, unknown, rewarding and utterly captivating. Our passion for this nature of travel means that we are constantly looking for new and interesting experiences for our guests to create a unique and unparalleled holiday experience. Our itineraries in the Congo, Iraq, Siberia and elsewhere take us to parts of the world where we have the chance to witness ways of life almost untainted by outside cultures; for us, the most exciting part of overseas travel.

At Undiscovered Destinations we mean what we say and are committed to providing superlative travel experiences that can rarely be found elsewhere.

Our staff in the UK are all highly experienced with many years of travel in remote destinations under their belts. We promise that when you contact us, you won’t be put through to an anonymous call centre. Instead, you’ll be able to speak to one of our knowledgeable team who will be able to answer your questions and help to prepare you better for your trip.

Undiscovered Destinations embodies the passion and enthusiasm that go hand in hand with real adventure travel. We’re enormously excited about the trips that we offer and have based these on some of our own favourite experiences. Put simply, these are trips for real adventure travellers, designed and run by real adventure travellers. Our wealth of personal experience and years of travelling and working in far flung corners of the globe are invaluable in showing you some of the truly forgotten corners of this world, and our philosophy recognizes that there is more to travel than simply ticking off sights. For us, Undiscovered Destinations is more than just a travel company; it is the embodiment of everything that we are truly passionate about. To travel with Undiscovered Destinations is to rediscover the meaning of travel; to explore remote lands, to gaze in wonder at little seen sights, and to learn from and interact with some of the planet’s most intriguing peoples.