Travel grades

To help you choose the perfect adventure we have given each of our tours a trip rating.

Pioneer - Taking you there first

Pioneer is a term often over used in the travel industry. At Undiscovered Destinations, when we describe a trip as pioneering we mean it. Almost certainly you will be amongst an elite group of intrepid travellers to be the first to explore a country that few have been privileged enough to discover. You will not find our Pioneer tours in other brochures - they are unique journeys that add a whole new meaning to getting off the beaten track.

If like us you are driven by a desire to discover a truly hidden corner of the world, then you may like to join us and explore Chad, a spectacular land, now recovering from many years of civil unrest. Alternatively travel down the Congo River by dug out canoe, meeting remote pygmy people as you go, or join us in Algeria and explore the remote Hoggar Mountains by 4WD.

Of course, reaching such remote areas of the world can come with its challenges; it may mean several nights camping, long journeys by 4WD and the need to maintain a degree of flexibility for when carefully laid plans change. These are challenging tours in countries and areas that may have poor infrastructure, high levels of poverty and illiteracy.

Whatever the local conditions most importantly you will be more than rewarded with an opportunity to explore an untouched country and meet friendly local people who have no idea of the concept of tourism. At Undiscovered Destinations we believe the country should be pioneering not the fact you may need to forego some of your normal comforts.

Traveller - Our road of discovery

Embodying the spirit of adventure, our Traveller itineraries are at the core of our programme. These journeys are designed for travellers who still want to discover a land far away from the tourist crowds, but expect the minimum standards we all enjoy. Look forward to comfortable hotels, private transport and knowledgeable local staff on a varied range of unique and exciting tours.

We also include homestays on some itineraries - a great way to learn about local cultures, while any camping will be kept to a minimum. Similarly any trekking or other activities are usually optional. Our aim is to be as flexible as possible, while still maintaining the ethos of adventure travel. Our Traveller trips include destinations as diverse as Burkina Faso, Guyana, the Comoros Islands and East Timor.