Tailor Made Adventure Holidays and Group Tours in Venezuela

Venezuela is a country of immense possibilities and better known for its socialist rhetoric than tourist potential. With elegant colonial cities, the scenery of the Andes and superb wildlife, Venezuela is refreshingly free of the tourist crowds you might find in other parts of Latin America – for now. Our group tours and tailor made holidays to Venezuela show you an amazingly diverse country, with some of the most impressive colonial architecture on the continent and a rich cultural heritage derived from that legendary liberator Simon Bolivar. Equally as impressive are the landscapes – from the mighty peaks of the Andes to the wildlife paradise that are the Llanos, home to creatures such as jaguar, ocelot, anteater and alligators. But Venezuela is perhaps best known for its majestic Angel Falls – the highest in the world and a veritable sight to behold. Combine this with the waterways of the Orinoco Delta and the sand dunes of Coro, and you can see why we think this is without a doubt one of the most exciting countries in Latin America.

Venezuela - From the Andes to the Lost World

Style: TravellerCultural discovery away from the crowds
Duration: 16 days
Type: PrivateExclusive departures for you, your friends and family

Explore the highlights of this beautiful country. We visit graceful colonial cities set amidst dramatic mountains, search for wildlife including jaguar and ocelot in the vast wetlands of the Llanos, fly over the breathtaking Angel Falls and explore the Orinoco Delta, home to many of Venezuela's indigneous people.